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There are a number of scholarship programs that are offered by the Supreme Council. With the help of these scholarship programs, Supreme Council provides scholarships to the needy students who meet all the service requirements of a community. The students studying in the United States are only eligible for this scholarship. Fundings for the scholarships are provided by the Southern Jurisdiction, Scottish Rite Foundation, USA Inc where as these programs are administrated by the Supreme Court. A list of scholarships is provided below.

• Sovereign Grand Commander’s Scholarship

In this scholarship, the awarded money differs. Only the currently enrolled students are eligible for this scholarship. The application should be fully filled and completed along with the transcript of grades in studying subjects and at least three letters of recommendations.

• Sam and Millie Hilburn Scholarship

Sam and Millie Hilburn Scholarship program is a two year program that offers $5000 for one year. In order to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must have or enrolled in the Childhood language Disorders field. It requires transcript letter and at least four letters of recommendations along with the fully filled application form. The application form is received by post.

• Shepherd Scholarship

The Shepherd Scholarship program is a four year degree program that offers $1500 for each year. Only the enrolled students can apply for the scholarship, no matter the type of degree or the kind of institute. Transcript and at least four letters of recommendations should be added to the application form.

• Public School Administrative Scholarship

The Public School Administrative Scholarship is a two year program that provides $6000 for one year. It is best scholarship for the students that are involved in Public School Education. M.A and M.S degree holders are also eligible for this scholarship program. it requires at least six letter of recommendations along with the transcript and a complete application form.

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