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Gifts are a way to show fondness to others and it makes people feel special and loving.  Whether it is from a friend or a loved one, it is meaningful and it can make someone’s day.  Now, imagine receiving a gift from a stranger, how many of us would grab that chance at some free stuff?  Well, ScholarshipExperts would like to award one student with a $1,500 scholarship. That definitely sounds worthy.  Since scholarships are not just being passed around, ScholarshipExperts would like to ask students to submit a short response and the winner with the best response will receive the award. is a site where experts have put together a pool of best scholarships to help students build a better future.  They are awarding scholarships to students 13 years of age or older towards higher education.  The Sweet and Simple Scholarship is a $1,500 scholarship that asks students to just complete an online application and answer a short question on a gift they got that was sweet and simple.  Best of all, students are required to submit only 250 words or less, so no need to submit five page essays or any other materials requiring too much work.  Students that are legal residents of the U.S. and plan to enroll or are already enrolled in an institution of higher learning are welcome to apply.  February 28th is the annual deadline and it gives students an ample amount to apply.  The essay with the most originality and creativity will present one student with a gift.  This is not an undersized gift.  It is a gift that is definitely worth writing 250 words.


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