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No doubt, Google is making progress in the field of technology and computing. Besides this, Google is also emerging in many other fields like the owner of Google is pleased to help needy students with the Generation Google Scholarship. A number of scholarships and financial aids are offered by Google only to help the students who want to get educated but are unable to fulfill their wishes because of a lack of resources. Google is providing this opportunity to the students to excel in their studies and become role models.

These scholarship programs are not only for male students or people who belong to the high class. The Google general scholarships are provided to minorities including women. Most of the time, the people who belong to the technical and computing sites are chosen to provide scholarships, but this is not any rule of thumb. If you are eligible for the scholarship then you will be surely provided with an excellent reward.

All the awarded scholarships worth about $10,000. These monetary values play an essential role in completing the studies of several students. This scholarship is also available for students from 2013 to 2014. All eligible students must apply for the scholarship before the decided deadline.

Eligibility criteria for the scholarship.

In order to apply for the scholarship the applicant should fulfill the following eligibility criteria so that their application should be considered:

• The applicant should be a full-time student of any University of United States of America in the year 2013.
• The applicant should be enrolled in the subjects of science and technology, engineering, computer science, or any other program related to information technology.
• An essay should be attached with the application that tells the interest and the involvement of the student in the technological subjects. You can show your passion or any work that you have done so far.
• The applicant who is applying for the scholarship must have a great academic record. The academic record will contain the GPA and any other successful activity of the students.
• The financial need of the student should be illustrated in the application.

The process of application.

The job application process of the scholarship should be completed by online means. You will require some of these documents:

• The name of the applicant
• The contact number
• The name and address of the university in which the applicant is currently enrolled.
• The academic report of the applicant
• Two letters of recommendations
o The first letter of recommendation must be from the high school either he is from mathematics, science, engineering, or technology.
o The second letter of recommendations must be from the person who knows the applicant but does remember that writer must not be the relative of the applicant.

The deadline to apply for the scholarship is till March 2013. The applicants should apply before the time so that there will be maximum chances to get the scholarship.

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