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Every parent wants their children to seek admission in one of the top colleges so that they can find new ways to excel in their career. The increasing inclination of the students towards the US universities or colleges has opened more options before the international students who were waiting for such an opportunity.  You can come across the best colleges of the United States that not only provide the right opportunity to grow but take your career to a new level. Whether you are a high school student or a graduate, you can easily explore various programs that can be helpful for an individual.

But a question arises as what is the cost of education. The universities of the US charge a lump sum amount of money in the form of their fees which is definitely not feasible for everyone. This is the reason that most of the students drop the idea of coming to US for their further studies.  With a number of options for financial aid available, one can definitely choose the best among them.  Student loans, self help aid etc are some of the options that are better but still you will have to repay the money that you take as a part of your kid’s education. On the other hand you have the merit aid which is given to students who have received high scores in their academic or have special achievements in their name.

If you are looking for some more merit aids in and around the United States, you will certainly find a number of options open before you.

Top colleges that offer merit aid

Here are the top ten colleges of the United States that offer merit aid on the basis of the academic record and the individual’s performance.

1. Belhaven University

2. Blue Mountain College

3. Denison University

4. Mississippi College

5. Ferrum College

6. Rhodes College

7. Hillsdale College

8. Mayville State University

9. Cooper Union

10. Armstrong Atlantic State University

So if you are seriously looking for a scholarship to meet your financial aids, you can definitely try in the above colleges or universities as they are reputed and well offer a number of merit aids to the deserving candidates.

The whole idea of providing the merit aid is to boost the confidence of the students who have done well in the past and can come forward with flying colors. There are many students who work hard and reach at the top position. If their work is not appreciated, they will get disheartened and this can also bring down their interest in the studies. That is why the universities of the United States are making an effort to offer merit aid to all the students who have scored the minimum eligibility marks decided by the university. On the basis of the application received, a merit list can be prepared and the students can be provided with the aid.

So it is all about helping the students in providing better opportunities to move ahead in life and reach their target.

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