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Students who now wish to study abroad especially in the USA are opting for more and more US scholarships. These scholarships are almost mandatory in contemporary times for a student to go to the USA for higher studies. In fact, the financial aspect is so high that it is not possible for a person to organise such huge sums of money all by himself. Thus there are schemes of US scholarships which include education scholarships, living scholarships and others. But there are some tips and methods to clear before one gets his scholarship. These tips are enumerated in details below.

How to get your Recommendation letter?

A letter of recommendation works wonders. It provides the recruiters a viewpoint about the candidate from a person who knows the candidate well. These letters of recommendations can come from internships, work experiences, participation in extra- curricular activities but most importantly from the academic professors. One should approach the faculty member/s making sure that he/she is not a part timer or is on a sabbatical.

One should provide all details and discuss plans about getting US Scholarships. One must be sure that the professor recognises him as a faculty member meets more than three hundred students per day. Highlighting the deadline is important as sometimes they take longer to provide a letter. Also, it is important to provide the faculty member regular updates about one’s scholarship and maintain contacts even after the work is done.

A Well-written Essay

Apart from a letter of recommendation one needs to provide the recruiters with a fully furnished essay. This essay lists all the positive achievements and experiences one has gone through in his career. In fact it is mandatory to provide an essay when applying for US Scholarships. This is done so that the recruiter can have a detailed idea about the candidate, his aims, strengths, achievements and other details that would help them shortlist him for the scholarship. One should organize a proper essay with a theme, a constant pattern of narrating or writing with the important points highlighted. Clarity should be maintained throughout the essay for better understanding of the candidate’s words.

The activity list

An activity sheet must be provided as well. These activity sheets are simple lists of all the achievements of the candidates in various spheres of life. The activity sheet includes achievements through college or high school as well as outside the academic arena. A candidate might be a member of a swimming club where he has won the best swimmer medal for three years .This is an achievement that one should highlight to the scholarship authorities.

The Final interview

The final stage for the selection process of the US scholarships is a one to one interview. Interviews are basically conducted so that the authorities get to know the candidate personally. One needs to dress up smartly and wear confidence on their face. His behavior and gestures should reflect his is often advisable to brush up through the application once before attending the interview so that one gets the idea of what is in store for him.

Thus, clearing all stages and getting US scholarships is not a difficult process only if one knows how to go about it in the correct manner.

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