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Finding the right kind of scholarship program for your higher studies can definitely help you a lot.  It not only becomes easy to fulfill the eligibility criteria but the chances of winning the scholarships also increase. One can come across countless scholarships, some are meant for the disabled students, some are for women and a few of them are general scholarships.  Before you start looking for any scholarship, it is better to search according to the category so that your time is saved and you will get only those options that are meaningful.

Let us have a look at the scholarships based on the category.

General scholarships

These types of scholarships are usually open for everyone and this is the reason that students have to go through a tough competition in order to get selected for the scholarship. As there are innumerable general scholarships, therefore you can apply for many of them to get selected for any one. Some of the scholarships that you will come across are Boren Awards, Glimpse Correspondent Program, Foundation for Global Scholars, International Student Voice Magazine Scholarship, Watson Fellowship etc. The eligibility criteria as well as the deadline for all the scholarships will vary so make sure that you stay updated with the information.

Disability Scholarships

Disability scholarships are particularly meant for the students who are disabled due to any reason. They might be handicapped or have a vision problem, so in this case they can apply for these scholarships which are offered by the nonprofit organizations, ethnic groups, communities and foundations. Some of the disability scholarships for which you can apply are Alexander Graham Bell Association, American Association of People with Disability Hearne Awards, American Association on Health and Disability Scholarships, American Foundation for Blind, Lighthouse International, VSA Young Soloists Awards and many more.

Scholarships categorized according to country or region

Some of the scholarships are also categorized according to the country. For example some of the scholarships are open for US residents, some for the UK and so on. In this way, only the students of the specific country or region can apply for it while others will not be considered.  You will come across plenty of such scholarships with each having eligibility criteria to be met. If you are looking for country specific scholarships, there are lots of options open before you.

Scholarships for women

There are many scholarships that are only provided to the women so that they can move ahead in life and give a strong foundation to their career. Some of the scholarships that are open for women are Young Women in Public Affairs Award Fund, Soroptimist Scholarship, Amelia Earhart Fellowship, PEO Scholarships, American Association of University Women etc.

Scholarships based on subjects

There are a few scholarships that are based on subjects or specialization like journalism, technology, science, engineering, mathematics etc. The scholarships that belong to this category are Arts Recognition and Talent Search, Tourism Cares, National Association of American Business Clubs, Geological Society of America Research Grants etc. For further information about these scholarships, you can visit their website and catch the latest updates.

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