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The University of Oregon is providing a number of scholarships and financial aid programs for the undergraduates and postgraduate students. All the international students can apply for the University of Oregon Scholarship. About 1 million dollars are provided as the financial aids and scholarships to the students each year. A list of opportunities is provided by the University so that students can easily apply for the scholarship or the financial aids whatever they want.

The ICSP Tuition Fee Scholarship

ICSP stands for the International Cultural Service Program. In this program about 30 to 40 scholarships are awarded to the students and these scholarships range $7000 to $27000 each year. The element of the cultural service include the opportunity for the students to provide information about their homeland. They can discuss faculty members, staff, organizations and children and all the other things they want. This scholarship can be renewed easily. The most important thing is that, you have to apply within the due date.

ICSP Nascence Scholarship Program

This is an asian scholarship program and it is not for everyone. The students that belong to the Hong Kong or China can only apply for the scholarship.

IDEA International Scholarship Programs

IDEA stands for the International Dean’s Excellence Award. This scholarship is provided on the basis of merit. In this scholarship, only a partial fee is provided to the students. Only international new students can apply for the scholarship. This scholarship is renewable and each winning candidate can get up to $8000 and this scholarship is only for one year. The scholarship can be renewed and this process is based upon the academic performance of the candidate. The new candidates can apply on in the month of September.

The Work Study Scholarship Program

These scholarship programs provide about $500 to $300 grants to the students each year. This scholarship is provided only to students who have strong financial needs. All the students receiving these scholarships can get jobs either full-time or part-time job. In order to be considered, you should apply within the required time. All the students who will submit their applications after the due date, will not be considered.

Other Scholarship Programs

All the students from the international world can apply for the scholarship programs for which they are eligible. The Pressman Family Scholarships provide $1000 to the students each year. All the students either new or the undergraduates can apply for the scholarship. The Islam Family Foundation Scholarship is provided to students who belong to Turkey. In this scholarship, about $1000 is awarded to the students.

All the students who want to get scholarships must be provided application within the decided time. The students should perform well in an academic way so that there would be maximum chances to win the scholarship. Students should also use their best communication skills and problem-solving skills to show their eligibility for the scholarship.

Try hard to get the scholarship !!!

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