US Colleges and Universities Providing Scholarships in 2013

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In the United States, there are a number of institutes offering different kinds of scholarship programs. Not only government, but private institutes are also taking part in helping the people who want to complete their studies. Many colleges and Universities are providing scholarships to their students.

Criteria of selection of these institutes is always different every year, so there are some rules that should be followed for getting a scholarship in 2013 as well. Different institutes provide scholarship to different people having different needs. A list of US universities and colleges has been given below that are providing scholarships in 2013 on the basis of different criteria.

• Cornell University__ one of the famous universities of the United States is Cornell University. It is providing scholarships for international students who are undergraduates. Usually 30 to 40 scholarships are provided to each batch. Both the full and some percentage of scholarship are provided. The percentage of scholarship depends upon the needs of the students.
• Michigan University provides grants along with the scholarships to needy students. It aims to support the students of both postgraduate and undergraduate.
• Oregon University aims to support the students on the basis of different criteria. It offers the merit based scholarships not only for the postgraduate students but also for undergraduate students. They cover full and partial tuition fee scholarships.
• Columbia College provides scholarships in the form of fee reduction. It offers about 20 % to 100 % reduction in tuition fee only for the scholarship holder. In the year 2013, there will be 20 scholarships provided to the international students to complete their studies.
• Amherst College aims to provide the scholarship to the students on the basis of the needs of the people. The searches are made by the staff of the college. Once they recognize the needs of the students, they provide either full or partial scholarships. They help their students either by providing aids or grants to by providing different opportunities of employment.
• Another known institute of the university is New York University Wagner. It provides scholarships to the postgraduate students on the basis of merit. This university also provides its services for the African ladies.

All these US based institutes are providing scholarships on the basis of different criteria. For the year 2013, each university provides different criteria. You must try to find out the one that suits you and fits according to your requirements.

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