US Scholarships for International Students in 2013

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International scholarships are provided to the students of different areas not only by the private sectors of US, but government sectors also provide many scholarships for the sake of students help.

One of the best and well known scholarships is Hubert Humphrey fellowships. It is specially designed for the international students by the US government. Time to submit the application for this scholarship is between April and September 2013. This organization provides awarded money to the participant rather than the university. It offers scholarships for different fields of studies like HRM, regional and urban planning, technology management and policies, higher education administration, journalism, communications, climate change, policy change and many others. The selected quota of providing scholarships in 2013 is about 160 to 190 scholarships.

Eligibility criteria of providing scholarship is that, the applicant must have an intermediate degree, leadership qualities, strong English and communication skills, a positive reputation in the community, some professional experience. All the essential requirements are mentioned along with the application so that each applicant can read all the rules and regulation before submitting any application.

Another scholarship provided by the government of the US is Foreign Fulbright Student Program. It has its own criteria of application. It is also for the international students. It provides full and partial tuition fee for the students. It usually provides scholarship for masters and PhD degrees. In some cases the organization also provides scholarship to the students who want to complete their graduation degree. Usually 1800 scholarships are provided to the students each year. Fulbright offers scholarship for natural sciences, technology, engineering, mathematics and arts.

The organization also supports the all the expenses of the applicants rather than the tuition fee like textbooks, health insurance, air fair and many others. The funding for both the organizations is provided by the government. Applicants should apply with all the essential documents so that there will be maximum chances to win the scholarship.

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