USA Academy Film Scholarship Programs 2013

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There are only two film scholarship programs that are offered by Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences. This scholarship is only for the USA students. You can study different niches like theoretical and scientific aspects of motion pictures, cultural education, history education and educational studies. This organization accepts the information of the candidates only by mail.

It is also known as the research projects scholarships program. In order to apply for this kind of scholarship, the applicant must be a historian, scholar, writer or a researcher. The scholarship offered by the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences is not for the students of colleges or universities that are completing their degrees. Like these students, the employees and the members of organizations are also not eligible for the scholarship program.

The basic application requirements involve at least two copies of any kind of deliverable to the Academy, deliverable must be submitted in the lecture form, the support of academy in any promotional cause of social media, availability of the candidate for any kind of press related activity.

The Academy is providing $25000 for the grants. The payment is usually made in two parts, once at the time of commencement and the second at the completion of the project that is proposed by the applicant. All the other expenses like diem expenses, travelling, and lodging expenses are also covered by the Academy. These expenses are applicable, if the Scholars need to make their presentation of lectures.

In order to apply for this scholarship, the scholars must submit a complete application form, a statement about the project that should be about five pages that include footnotes and end notes as well, three page bibliography, a CV that contains the list of all the publications, all the project must be in professional format. Do not forget to mention the significance of the project in the document.

The deadline to submit the application form is 1st October, 2013.

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