USA Fulbright Scholarships for International Students

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When it comes to apply for the financial aid in order to continue further studies, you must go for the detailed research about the different types of scholarships, so that you may happen upon the type which is most suitable for you. When you start your research, I guarantee, you will find many types of scholarships that you have ever imagined of and you may also be eligible for some among many of them. First off, Fulbright Scholarship program provides academic scholarships to the outstanding and exceptional students who want to pursue either masters or PhD degree all around the globe. The students who are looking out for the non- degree postgraduate can also be awarded with the Fulbright scholarship. This scholarship program started off in 1946 as a Fulbright Program baring its founder’s name James William Fulbright, a former United Sates Senator. Since the initiation of Fulbright Scholarship program more than 300,000 people have participated in it and it provides above 1800 grants annually to the non-US nationals in order to study in US.

The Fulbright Scholarship grants are only awarded to the exceptional students so only those students with highest level of academic achievements are considered for this scholarship program. For the college-aged US citizen, to become an awardee of the Fulbright Scholarship program, you either go for U.S Student Program or Us Scholar Program to travel to the foreign country. This scholarship student grants are available for all the areas of study in a variety of disciplines and fields including biology and other natural sciences, fine arts, social sciences, and computer sciences. But the Fulbright Program does not give funding to the applicants seeking an enrollment in the medical Degree Program; neither has it funded to those who are looking to conduct research in medical or clinical field but it supports global and public health studies. The Fulbright Scholarship grant provide funding throughout the duration of study and covers almost everything that a student has to bear for his studies which include tuition fee, the airfare, health insurance, textbooks expenses and also a living stipend. To say the short it bears all the expenditures of a student but for being eligible for this scholarship you need to demonstrate the best in your graduate level studies.

While for the foreign students eligibility criteria, requirements and selection procedure is determined by the respective countries The Fulbright Scholarship Program is administrated by Bi-National Fulbright Commissions and Foundations or also by the U.S. Embassies. All the Foreign Student Program applications under Fulbright Grants are processed by these specified offices. So, the foreign students should apply for the Fulbright Fellowship program through these offices in their home countries. These Scholarships are for the study in USA Academic Institutions and Universities. These scholarships are provided to the international students from Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Eurasia to study in US. You can visit the country specific website for the information regarding scholarship Program and can also visit the US embassies in your respective countries. The duration for applying for the grant varies per country but it is usually around February to October annually.

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