USA Scholarship Programs of University of Birmingham

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The University of Birmingham is offering a scholarship program to support two best candidates from USA. The University is offering the postgraduate scholarship with the cooperation of the US Alumini Foundation.

We are providing the monetary support for the Masters education of candidates and we will provide up to £15,000 for each year of the Masters. We are only supporting the tuition fee of the institution for the candidates, other expenses will not be entertained. In order to apply for this scholarship, the applicant must have best academic background as well as a graduate or Bachelors degree.

The candidate should also mention the academic achievements of their lives. If there is something extra like some extra curricular activities of a student, then this will be the plus point for the candidate. These extracurricular activities may be music, sports, managing an event or any kind of society.

In order to be eligible for the scholarship a candidate must have following things.

• A valid student identification number.
• He must be able to handle all the other expenses except fee.
• He must have a national identity card.
• He must receive an offer from the University of Birmingham for Masters degree program.
• He must be able to attend all the classes of courses on a daily basis.

The scholarship holders can get monetary support by deduction in the tuition fee. In some cases, if the tuition fee of the candidate exceeds the scholarship money, then the candidate will pay all the outstanding fee by his own. The University of Birmingham will not responsible for these outstanding expenses. The candidate must be willing for the use of his name as the winner. The scholarship decision will be made on the basis of merit and the eligibility of the candidate. The scholarship of the University of Birmingham is available till July 2013.

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