Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship – $1,000

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Students interested in a medical or a legal field get a chance to save up some money and possible achieve a career in a growing field.  Not many people know how much a medical and a legal field actually have in common and now we would like to have students get creative and share their ideas on how the two truly relate.  The Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship is for students that are pursuing a medical or a legal program and who would like to make an impact in the world.  Birth Law is a law firm that specializes in birth injury suits such as Erbs Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Shoulder Dystocia, and Hypotonia.  Attorney Jason Waechter knows that medical negligence can get away unnoticed and he would like to help victims get their rights and deserving compensation.  Best of all, if their case does not win, there will be no fee for the victim.  They are giving students an opportunity to explore new ideas and thoughts in order to teach others something new and useful.  Applicants must 17 years of age or older and enrolled in a college/university.  Applicants are to submit their essay of 150 words or more and their short background for their chance at $1,000.  It simply does not get any simpler than that.  Two students will get $1,000 each: one for their medical program and the other for their legal program.  Sounds like fun does it not?  It is not just fun, it is also extremely easy!  Students may apply anytime between January 1st and September 1st annually.

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