Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship – $2,000

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Scholarships that are allocated to specific majors or fields of study can be some of the most lucrative awards available for students. Become part of much smaller applicant base when you apply to scholarships for your major, and see the value of the awards grow. Keep checking in with us to find out more about scholarships by major and best of luck with your studying. More about our latest scholarship find…

Do you study medicine or law? Looking for a scholarship? If so, we have a great scholarship find just for you.   Did you know that the medical and law studies  have even more in common than most people thought?  Well it is time for you to be creative and share your ideas on how the two could relate.  The Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship is for students that are in a medical or legal program.  Birth Law is a law firm that specializes in birth injury suits such as Erbs Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Shoulder Dystocia and Hypotonia.  They are giving students an opportunity at exploring new ideas and thoughts in order to teach others something new and useful.  Applicants are to submit their essay of 150 words or more and their short background for their chance at $1,000.  Two students will get $1,000 each: one for their medical program and the other for their legal program.  The Waechter scholarship shows the importance of the two great fields of study and is great help for all eligible students. Time to sign up and tell your friends!

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