Ways to Secure a Hockey Scholarship

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Hockey scholarship is different from traditional financial aid program. Unlike other sports scholarships, hockey financial aid is sponsored by the various private and government organizations based on program criteria and needs. The recruitment procedure is difficult as compared to general sports scholarship, in order to secure it; the applicant must be familiar to play at-least at a junior level of the hockey.

Create a list of school of your choice

Students who are interested in securing a hockey scholarship should start their search by maintaining a list of preferred institutions. It is advisable, must keep in mind several factors while choosing the college. Ice hockey scholarships are varying in requirements and the amount of ordinary hockey scholarships. Some institutions offer athletic financial aid programs to facilitate the sports persons which allow them to meet the cost of tuition and accommodation expenses while others pays the tuition fee only.

A list of ten to twenty colleges is enough to make a selection but remember that smaller college can provide fewer opportunities than larger ones. However, the potential player should get more knowledge about scholarship from their coaches. They will provide you useful information including general or contact information such as, organization’s mailing address, or an email id etc. This will support you in the further steps of the application process like, designing a professional portfolio.

Creating a portfolio

Potential applicants should design a portfolio to represent their achievement. An attractive portfolio should contain useful details such as, comprehensive information about the candidate, professional resume, certificates of achievements along with the sealed transcript of academic performance. A good cover letter and references can support you to make a good portfolio. The cover letter should consist of brief information like, why a coach should be interested in you as a potential candidate.

In your cover letter, add some sentences which explain why you would like to secure the scholarship. If possible, attach a letter of reference in the portfolio to secure your position. A strong letter of recommendation must be a writer by the person of credibility, like a teacher, a coach, employer, or community leader. This will reflect your seriousness towards award money and represents your personality and character as a right candidate.

Sponsors are belonging from diverse location, it is impossible for them to visit all the applicants personally to watch their performance. The best technique here to make a video that can highlight your playing skills in the front of selection community. This will help the jury to judge your comparative skills and performance. You can either supply the video or burned DVD or upload it online, and make sure you have mentioned the link in the resume.

Make direct communication with coaches

Many coaches grape the potential players while they are studying in the high school. This will help the coach to monitor player’s progress to enter him into junior leagues. If you have confidence, contact the coaches directly with your portfolio to catch their attention. Once your portfolio has been examined, you may be notified that you are being awarded as a successful candidate for hockey scholarship.

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