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Funding your child’s education fee is no more a typical task for the parents. With a number of graduate scholarships being offered by the different foundations and organizations, the task has become a little easier. Now you can explore innumerable graduate scholarships that easily accomplish the requirements of the students and help them to find a place in one of the best institutes as well. In the year 2007, even Harvard University of America started with a program to provide financial aid to the underprivileged students or the minority groups. Such type of financial assistance is fruitful for the students who belong to the middle class families and do not have the funds to study in a reputed college or university.

NCAA – Ethnic minority and Women’s Enhancement postgraduate scholarship

This scholarship is given to the minority students who hold a graduate degree in sports administration. There are many students who do not get the right opportunity but have a lot of skills and talent. So with the help of such a scholarship, they can definitely find the right direction to shape their career. 13 awards are given to the females while the rest 13 to ethnic minorities.

Project 1000 – the first step towards helping the minority graduate students

Project 1000 was an initiative to assist the graduate students of the minority group to avail better learning opportunities. This is the reason that such a step was taken to provide them the right support which they required. The motive to connect 1000 students to the graduate program was very successful as the process was made simple just to attract the students. There were around 80 colleges where the students could apply and take a step towards higher studies. The students are free to apply online or they can even seek help from the advisors who offer the best possible guidance. The eligibility criteria of this program were that the student should belong to the US or have been a permanent citizen, enrolled in a graduate degree in any of the fields including technology, science or engineering.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

This fellowship specially catered to women with an aim to provide them better growth opportunities so that they could compete with their counterparts. All the students who are interested in applying for this fellowship will have to meet the eligibility criteria or else their application will be rejected. According to the eligibility criteria, the students should be enrolled in the master’s program in any one of the disciplines including sociology, economics, foreign language, business and political science.

MBA scholarship

This scholarship program is meant for the students who are a part of the Hispanic culture or belong to the Native Americans. Your entire fee of the MBA program will be funded under the JP Morgan’s Summer Associate Investment Banking Program. Thus the minority students need not take tension about the education fee as the scholarship will manage their expenses. So go through the eligibility criteria once and apply for the scholarship to make your position strong among other contenders.

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