What to Do After Winning the Scholarship

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Perhaps you have submitted a several applications for scholarship and one lucky day, you received a letter of congratulations. The letter explains that you have won the financial aid program. The first step is to write a thank you note for a sponsor, but you cannot write a note for too many people such as, the donor organization, selection committee, or a program manager who sent you an achievement notification letter.

In some financial aid programs, you may ask to speech at a reception or banquet party for winners. Many people have lack of confidence in public speaking. So, think about your skills and abilities. Scholarship ceremonies or speeches are the golden chance for the donor to showcase their winners. Basically, the audience of reception will consist of community leaders, and organization staff so feel confident because they already know and like you.

To impress the again, tell them who are you, what you aim , and what the award money do for you. Say a short story of your life experiences to connect all the points together. Don’t take stress to say thanks, just remember they are there to celebrate the movement only for you. So please, enjoy the achievement. After receiving the award, speak few complimentary words. Say thanks to the judges and organizations, teacher, and family who recommended and support you.

If you receive a letter of notification through email, it will include an instruction paper on how making a request for funds. They may ask you to fill out a contact form with student information at your school office. Some universities have separate financial aid and scholarship award office. The financial aid office determines a package for you and the scholarship office provide you awarded money. You need to find out the proper information whether visiting the college’s website or contacting the scholarship office.

Once you have sent the information, the winning check will either be delivered to the scholarship office or directly to you. If in any case, you do not receive free money after submitting the contact information, contact back to your sponsor to check the award status.

At the end, if you have won the award money, these tips will tell you that scholarship is not just a financial reward, it is the first step toward success.

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