Why iIs It Difficult for Students to Win Scholarships in 2013 ?

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There are a number of reasons that affect the students in getting their scholarship. Some students do not get the scholarship even they deserve that, because of many reasons. Some of these reasons have been explained below

• Due to huge number of students in the year 2013, there is a competition among students to win the awarded money and study for free. Most of the people are getting education in the current years and getting knowledge and information about scholarships. The organizations have decided the percentage of scholarships provided by them. They chose only the top students to award scholarships.
• Some students want to get the scholarship, but they do not have enough GPA to get the scholarship. Mostly the scholarships are provided to the students with highest GPA. So it is important to maintain the GPA through your educational history, if you want to get the scholarship. It is one of the difficulties in getting this opportunity.
• Some organizations require different kinds of tests in order to apply for scholarships. Most of the students do not pass these tests. These tests include ACT and SAT test. This is also a basic difficulty that is faced by a number of students in order to get the scholarship.
• In some scholarship applications, extracurricular activities are more preferred as compared to GPA. Some people have high GPA, but lack behind in terms of extracurricular activities. So the students face difficulty in getting the scholarship.
• Some scholarships are based on the level of education like graduation, masters or Ph.D. This causes the students to narrow down their searches and they face difficulty in finding the getting scholarships.

So there are a number of options for the students to get the scholarship, but there are also many difficulties that are faced by the students. No doubt, there is no way to eliminate the difficulties, but you can minimize them with proper research and maintaining high CPA in educational field.

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