Why Are Scholarship Scams on the Rise?

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There are a variety of US scholarships that you can come across but not all are genuine to apply for. Nowadays there are a lot of websites that give you the desired information about the different scholarship programs but on the other hand, there are a number of scams which have been faced by the people. A few websites charge the people with a small amount of money to search for the various scholarships which are just fraud. There are no charges for searching the scholarships but you can collect the entire information without paying any money.

So if you do not have much information about the scholarships and its genuine sources, it is very important to keep away from such scams. In this article we will mainly focus on the different kinds of scams that trap the people and extract money from.

• Applying for any scholarship does not require any payment. You can apply to the scholarships by visiting the official website of the college or any other resource present over the internet. But in case you are asked to make any kind of payment; it means that it is a scam. Searching and applying for any kind of scholarship is free and therefore the users should be careful and rely on the trusted sources to submit the information.

• Many a times you might have come across emails and messages that offer a free scholarship to you. This definitely a scam as no one will offer such a huge amount without any expectations. Such scams are a way to get your personal information which can further be used for unethical activities or retrieve the information from your computer as well. Thus if you explore deals like this, just stay away from them.

• While applying for any scholarship, sometimes the user is asked for their
credit card information. There is no requirement of the credit card details as the scholarship amount usually comes in the form of a check or the same is transferred to the college account. Hence if you are being asked to provide any type of bank related information, you must ignore it as it is a scam.

• Most of the popular scholarships that you come across over the internet do not require any kind of sign up. There are a number of students who will want to know about the different scholarships therefore signing up is of no use. So in case you visit any website and it asks you to create an account to retrieve the information, just close the tab and look for other options.

• Resources that guarantee scholarships are definitely a scam. It is because no genuine source guarantees the scholarship as many students apply for the same while a few are only selected. So the genuine sources do not guarantee whether you will be offered the scholarship or not.

If you want to stay away from scams, do get familiar with all the above approaches that are followed by the different sources to attract the people and extract money from them.

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