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Hard work pays off, especially when it comes to education.  Many students work hard to achieve all their educational goals in order to make it in the future and land a dream job.  Top students of the class get many opportunities such as being given scholarships or even free tuition.  It is important to study hard and be on top. is offering the Win Free College Tuition Sweepstakes to students 14 years of age or older who are pursuing a college degree.  Applicants must register and complete the online entry form in order to apply. will be giving an award up to $10,000 of tuition for the school or $500 cash for the student.  Students must be a U.S. or Canadian legal residents (excluding Puerto Rico and Quebec) that are current college students or will be entering college in the next three years.  This scholarship is being offered twice a year with annual deadlines on June 30th for the fall competition and December 31st for the spring competition.  In addition to that, a winner will be selected randomly for each scholarship drawing.  This is another scholarship opportunity that does not require much work and it offers to cover the tuition.  It is an immaculate opportunity that should not be passed.  Best of all, students do not have to prove their grades or have to spend a lot of time writing an essay.  Since it is a random drawing, any student can get selected and get the deal of a lifetime: a free tuition. wants to be there for you, the student!

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