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Windsor Life Settlements Scholarship – $1,000

by daniel

There is nothing more important than securing your own future.  Getting a college degree helps students land a career that they have always dreamed of.  They become more independent and learn their responsibilities to know how to live on their own.  They focus on earning their own money in order to start their life anew.  The time has come for us to ensure our future.  Many focus on guaranteeing their future by controlling their finances as well as getting the right life insurance.  Windsor Life Settlements, LLC focuses on helping people get the best life insurance policies and are now on their way to help students get their lives in order by offering them a $1,000 scholarship for their college education.  Juniors and seniors in high school are welcome to apply for this great opportunity by demonstrating their best work.  Students are to write an essay of 500 words or more for their chance at the $1,000 annual scholarship.  One with the best essay will get the scholarship award.  The phase has come to a moment where it is time to get serious and to take the right steps for a brighter future.  We can only imagine what it is like paying off college on your own.  This opportunity will open many doors for students and ease the burden of paying their college education.    We are looking for future professionals and students dedicated to a brighter future.  Students that demonstrate their ambitions and commitment will get an opportunity of their lifetime.

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