Youth for Understanding USA Scholarship Program

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Youth for Understanding USA Scholarship Program provides about 300 scholarships to different students each year. All the students who are able to adapt the change environment can enjoy the new culture.

Eligibility criteria.

The eligibility criteria of YFU scholarship are different from other programs. In order to apply for the scholarship, you should meet the following eligibility criteria.

• The age of the applicant should be between 15 years to 18 years.
• The applicant should be good in health.
• If the applicant has studied an annual study program then he should have a GPA of 3.00 or more. In the same way, if the applicant has studied the semester system then he should maintain a GPA of 2.00 or more.
• He should submit some photos and he should also be able to complete the paperwork.

The rewards of YFU scholarship program.

The Youth for Understanding program provides a number of benefits to the applicant who got the scholarship. The following are some essential benefits that are provided to the winning students.

• The winning students are provided with the study of professional programs. All the professional related material is also provided to these students.
• All the traveling expenses of the students are also supported by the Youth for Understanding Program.
• Some regional and local trips for the students are arranged and are sponsored by the YFU USA scholarship programs.
• Students are supported with the help of tutoring, counseling and many other possible means.
• The scholarship provides enrollment in the scholarship, for the semester or for the year. It depends upon the program and the needs of the students.
• The scholarship provides the residence permit and visa card for the students.
You should provide the full and authentic information so that the sponsors can easily contact you for the interview, once you get selected. All the information must be provided in the application form.

Dates for applying the program.

There are three kinds of scholarships that are offered by the sponsors. These include yearly scholarship, semester wise scholarship and summer scholarship programs. You can apply for the one that suits you the best. Each program starts according to the specialties and seasons of each country.

• The yearly program usually begins in July or August and the ending time of the yearly scholarship is in the month of June and July.
• The semester scholarship begins at the start of each semester and ends in the same semester as it is only for one semester.
• Summer scholarships are the scholarships that are given for a small period of time like only for two months.

It’s time to start in June and ends in the late July.

Most of the scholarships are designed for specific countries. If you are interested in the scholarship program then you should look for the country list. In order to apply for the scholarship, you have to send an application form with all the essential information. You will be evaluated along with all the applicants. You will receive a call for an interview once you get qualified.

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