A – Z Printing “Impact a Life” Scholarship – up to $1,000

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Working and studying all day can be difficult. With the time spent on your education you are left little time to earn enough money to allow for a more rewarding college experience. Even buying the school supplies needed can be a stretch. What could help is a scholarship to help get whats needed for school.  A – Z Printing is a leader in printed discounted raffle tickets.  They created the “Impact a Life” Raffle Tickets Scholarship to help students further their education.  Applicants get chosen for the best written essays on a given topic. That is all you have to do, simply submit an essay.  Awards vary from $400 to $1,000.  A helping hand toward supplying what you need to study.  This is a great scholarship for motivated and focused students with a goal to continue growing and learning.  Instead of having one winning recipient, three will get chosen.  That means you have a greater chance at winning. Good luck!


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