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Did it ever cross your mind that police scanners would help fund your college education? Well the team at Zip Scanners, is up for the challenge. Police scanners help protect our communities and keep our streets safe.  They help keep law enforcement informed in a timely manner and allow for quick response to matter requiring police intervention.   Sure, being fined may bring disappointment but the point of it is for us to slow down.   We’ve all heard of people who have experienced the wrong side of what these scanners can do. The odd speeding ticket or traffic violation being the most common, but in the end its all for our safety. Zip Scanners offers products like police scanners and much more.  They are giving away a $500 scholarship to a student with the best essay on police scanners.  Students that are seniors in high school and in college may apply.  There is no need for students to pursue a major in criminal justice.  All students are welcome to apply as long as they maintain a 2.0 GPA.  The only additional requirement is that students  submit an essay of 500 words or more.  It is important that we focus on safety on our streets just as well as getting education and finding success in the future.  The deadline is approaching soon and students have until August 20th to apply.  There is no reason to pass an opportunity like this. Simply prepare  a quality essay and you can find yourself with an extra $500 toward your college education

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