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Top 10 ways to concentrate when cramming for exams

studyblog1 photo12 dont stress Top 10 ways to concentrate when cramming for examsThe one thing you can’t get rid of as a student is exams! Some are terrified just by thinking about them. Though tests stress us out, they are actually a good thing, as they serve to evaluate our knowledge and ability to process information. Here are the few ways that might heighten your concentration while you sweat over your exams.

  • Have a strategy!

studyblog1 photo2 have a strategy 1024x922 Top 10 ways to concentrate when cramming for examsBefore you start learning, come up with a short and crisp plan on how you will proceed. For example, how many hours will you study, and what topics will you cover. At the end, note Read the rest

Top 5 budget-friendly spring break beach resort destinations

Students who have been working their tails off throughout the year really need a break to relax and also to refresh their minds for the upcoming term. Instead of emptying your pockets and splurging on that beach-side spring break you covet, here are the top five exotic destinations that fit a student-sized budget.

Daytona Beach, Florida

studyblog3 photo2 daytona1 Top 5 budget friendly spring break beach resort destinations

Start your spring break in the waves of the Atlantic surf, also famous for its motorsports. If you’re there in early March, you can also enjoy the motorcycle event and rally held as a part of ‘Bike Week’. If you’re planning a day trip, Read the rest

10 celebrities who went to Ivy League

Who knew? Celebrities are people just like the rest of us. They even go to college. And not just any college – so many celebrities went to Ivy League schools. There goes a popular misconception that actors and other celebrities are just not that bright. Some studied acting, yet others – literature, math or science.

Our favorite famous Ivy Leaguers are below. How many of them do you recognize?

ivy3 1024x749 10 celebrities who went to Ivy League

Natalie Portman recently opened up in the 2015 Harvard commencement speech during which she said, “Looking back, it’s easy now to romanticize my time here, but I had some very difficult … Read the rest

16 New Year’s Resolutions for Students to Stick to in 2016

Here are 16 resolutions to adopt in 2016. Print them out and stick them on your fridge!

  1. Save more money.

Let’s face it, we all want the brand new iPhone 6, amazing exercise gear and the best electric bike on the market. Ask yourself, how can I get that for less?

save 16 New Years Resolutions for Students to Stick to in 2016


Here are some ways to save money during winter break
Paying for a car on a college budget

  1. Take more meaningful photos.

And not just selfies or pictures of food. Take photos with your college friends because that’s what you’ll want to look up years down the Read the rest

10 Ways to Save Money During Winter Break

Here are useful ways you can save money when school’s out and have a pretty good time:

1. Throw a leftovers party, that way all the money you spent on food doesn’t go to waste!

food containers 10 Ways to Save Money During Winter Break                 Creative Commons license from armigeress

One tip to remember is if you’re planning on throwing the party a few days after Christmas, make sure to freeze everything.

2. Save on snow gear!


snow gear 1024x768 10 Ways to Save Money During Winter Break

There are plenty of places that give discounts to students on snow gear. Be sure to check them out before you pay full price.

3. Host movie nights! There’s nothing better than Read the rest

Why Financial Aid Is So Important

financial aid Why Financial Aid Is So Important

College Is a Lot Easier with Financial Aid

Wouldn’t it be great if college was just a giant pharmacy where you could go to pick up career pills and instantly get all the knowledge you need from one dose? Unfortunately, that’s not how university life works. The fact is that you are going to have to be in school for several years to get your degree, so you might as well make the most out of the time you get there. One way to do that is to get enough money in scholarships and grants to be able to pay … Read the rest

Couponing for a College Party

Couponing Couponing for a College Party

Throw a Big Party on a Small Budget with Coupons

Parties are pretty common in college, especially for people in a sorority or fraternity. If you are a college student at the moment, you may be tempted to throw your own bash at some point in time. There is just something so exciting about the idea of throwing a party, no matter how much it may cost. Lucky for you, there are ways to actually use coupons to save enough money so that you don’t have to worry about the cost of your big day. Here are some tips for … Read the rest

College Freshman Survival Tips

college freshman College Freshman Survival Tips

6 Things Every College Freshman Needs to Know

Adjusting to life as a college freshman is a challenge for anyone. You have to go from being the top dog in high school to the bottom of the totem pole. While this may be discouraging, it is something you just have to get through. With the advice below, you should be able to make your transition smoothly and actually learn something while you’re in school. Here are five things every college freshman needs to know.

Start Applying for Scholarships…NOW

You may be tempted by all the student loans available to you, … Read the rest

Highest Paying Jobs for College Students

college jobs Highest Paying Jobs for College Students

College Jobs That Pay BIG Money

Most college students at least go through one semester where they think they can live off financial aid. That might work for a month or two, but then the bills are going to outweigh the “savings” (aka, the dust covered piggy bank). If you are trying to make money in college, you might be pleased to know that there are a ton of jobs out there that pay more than minimum wage. Here are some of the highest paying jobs for college students.


If you are over the age of 21, you could … Read the rest

Is Technical School Tuition Cheaper?

technical school Is Technical School Tuition Cheaper?

Can I Save Money Going to Tech School?

If you are trying reduce tuition costs for your education, you may consider going to a tech school instead of a traditional college. This will give you a chance to get a degree in less than two years, but it may limit your ability to find high-paying work in the future. Before you sign up for something like this, you need to make sure you will actually save money in the long run. Here is a quick analysis to help you determine that.

The Cost of Tuition

The biggest cost you will … Read the rest

Write a Memorable Scholarship Essay

scholarship essay Write a Memorable Scholarship Essay

Make Your Scholarship Essays Worth Remembering

Learning how to find scholarships is only a small part of the financial aid process. You also need to learn how to get accepted for those scholarships. One of the best things you can do to win scholarships consistently is to master the art of writing scholarship essays. If you know how to write a memorable scholarship essay, you can almost guarantee a full ride to college. Here are some tips to make your scholarship essay writing as effective as possible.

Read the Prompt More Than Once

Before you even begin to write a … Read the rest

Tablet vs. Laptop – Which One Is Better for College?

tablet vs laptop Tablet vs. Laptop – Which One Is Better for College?

Should I Get a Tablet or a Laptop?

Tablets and laptops both offer portable solutions for connecting to the internet in college. You can use these devices to create documents, research information, send emails, pay bills, and so much more. If you are working with a limited budget like most college students, you may only have enough money for one of the two of these. So, which one should you invest in – a laptop or a tablet? Let’s do a quick comparison to figure that out.


While tablets and laptops are both portable, tablets are smaller and thus … Read the rest

Forgotten Ways to Pay for College

pay for college Forgotten Ways to Pay for College

Learn New Tricks to Pay for Your Degree

For some people, paying for college means taking out thousands of dollars in student loans. For others, it means applying for scholarship after scholarship until everything is covered. While scholarships and loans are both viable options for tuition and beyond, they’re not the only options you have to choose from. By getting a little creative with your efforts, you can find some really neat opportunities to cover your costs. Here are some forgotten ways to pay for college so you can earn your degree.


There are all kinds of competitions out … Read the rest

Online Learning for Stay at Home Moms

stay at home mom Online Learning for Stay at Home Moms

Raise a Family and Earn Your Degree!

Are you a stay at home mom looking for a way to better your life, your career, and your future? If so, you may feel a bit stuck at the moment because you cannot get out of the house. It is hard for moms in general to go to college because they have to spend so much time with their families. As much as you may enjoy doing this, there will probably come a time when you want a little more out of life than changing diapers and cleaning spaghetti stains out of … Read the rest

Decorating Tote Bags for Money

tote bag Decorating Tote Bags for Money

Paint Your Way to Extra Income!

Have you ever thought about using totes to raise money for your organization? If not, you may want to give it a try. A tote bag is just an oversized purse made of canvas, often used to carry art supplies or groceries. A bag like this can be quite adorable in the right setting, and it is something that can sell well if it has some personality. Lucky for you, there are some simple things you can do to give tote bags personality and potentially sell them for a profit. This is a fun … Read the rest

Choosing the Right Technical College

6210545755 ca789c36ba Choosing the Right Technical College

A Guide for Picking Tech Schools

Are you thinking about attending a technical college in the near future? If so, you may be struggling to figure out which one is right for you. There are so many tech schools to choose from, which means that the one in your home town probably isn’t a good fit. Rather than settling for something nearby, you may want to do a little research to find the best college for your needs. Here are some tips to help you select the best option from the start.

Pick a Degree Program

The easiest way to … Read the rest

5 Jobs Every College Student Should Apply for

11238295 s 5 Jobs Every College Student Should Apply for

Top Jobs for College Students

When most people think about working in college, they imagine themselves living off financial aid and the minimum wage work they can get down at Taco Bell. You’re more than welcome to do that if you want, but chances are you need something more than a pint-sized paycheck and scholarship money to get by. Before you go broke just trying to start your future, you might want to learn about the high paying career opportunities that are available to you right now. Here are five jobs every college student should apply for.

Paid Intern

Most … Read the rest

Getting the Most out of Your Financial Aid

11499751 s Getting the Most out of Your Financial Aid

Maximize Your Financial Aid

Most students do not have the luxury of paying for their own college education because they don’t come from a family of millionaires. The average full time college student pays anywhere from $20,000 to $50,000+ for a single year of education, and that can be a lot of money to come up with without any help. Luckily, there are several financial aid programs that students can look into when they need assistance paying for their education.

If you have been looking into a college degree program for the future, you may want to learn how to … Read the rest

Paying for a Car on a College Budget

16058543 s Paying for a Car on a College Budget

How to Get a Car for College

Cars can be incredibly expensive, no matter what you want to buy. It is hard enough to pay for a car when you have a steady career, let alone when you’re dealing with a college budget. Nevertheless, there are some simple ways to adjust your spending so you can have the ride you need to get on campus. Here are some tips to help you pay for a car when you have no money.

Save Your Financial Aid

If you get money back from school each semester, try to put some of it … Read the rest

The Ultimate Guide to Easy Scholarships

Suitcase of money The Ultimate Guide to Easy Scholarships

Easy Scholarships Are Closer Than You Think!

Easy scholarships may be the right thing you are looking for if you are searching for opportunities to fund your college education. After reading the same type of scholarship information over and over, the task may seem boring and tedious. However, some scholarships break free from the confines of traditional scholarships. The unique scholarships listed below offer interesting ways to make some quick money to help pay for college tuition. Read on to see how you may be able to pay for your college education.

How to Find Easy Scholarships

You may define … Read the rest