Scholarship Programs for International Students

Scholarships are classified based on a number of factors. It is either divided according to the specialization or according to the people who are interested in it. Searching the scholarships under a category is always beneficial as it saves your time and better opportunities can come your way.  In this article we will focus on how to find the right scholarship program that best matches with your qualification as well as the skills.

Scholarships for the graduate students

If you are looking for scholarship programs meant for the graduate students, American University can definitely assist you in the best manner. The overall aim of such programs is to improve the quality of education and make sure that students have a wonderful experience studying here. No matter whichever discipline you specialize in, you are free to apply for the scholarship. With the help of the financial aid you can easily pay your college fee without any stress and also meet other expenses too. Thus, you can enjoy plenty of benefits through this scholarship. The additional programs that are started currently include Graduate Assistantship and Graduate Fellowship.

Scholarships for the undergraduate students

Undergraduate students are also liable to receive scholarships based on their performances. There are many scholarship programs for which no application has to be submitted but a merit list is prepared by the college/organization that offers it and a few names are picked from it.  Thus this process is quite simple but there is a lot of competition as students has an excellent record which distinguishes them from the other people.

American University is dedicated towards helping the students with the merit based scholarships that offer only partial fee of your college. It is a good opportunity as half of your expenses will be handled by the university while the rest can be managed by the student through different sources.

Such types of scholarships are strictly based on the performance and the individual skills rather than the financial status of any student.  Most of the US scholarships offered to the international students vary from $6000 to $30000 depending upon the amount of fund the university has.

How to apply?        

The process to apply for the graduate scholarships depends upon the college in which you enroll. Firstly ensure that you meet the eligibility criteria which are most important.  Secondly get familiar with the process so that there is no confusion at the last moment and you are able to complete the application without any doubt.

When to apply?

The last date of most of the scholarships is usually 1st February, so it is better that the students are aware of the deadline and send their applications accordingly. If the applications do not reach on time, there are chances that it can be cancelled or rejected by the review panel.

Resources to find the scholarships   

The best sources from where you can easily gather information about the US scholarships include International Student Organization, Peterson’s Education Center, The Foundation Center, Fulbright Program, Microsoft Scholarship, Institute of International Education, Phelps Stroke Fund, The National Association of Financial and Administrators etc.

Why Grab US Scholarships?

The mounting tuition fee of most of the reputed colleges has become a concern for the good students. It is because of the simple reason that not everyone can pay such a high feel as there are many more liabilities of the parents. This is the reason that they look for better options rather than going for student loans or funds which can lead to debt. Apart from the UK, there are quite a few other places where the education is cheap and the program is completed on time. One such example is Nottingham University whose fee is very low thus allowing the parents to send their children to such reputed universities. Even the cost of living here is not high and students can easily manage their expenses.

On the other hand, US are also one of the first preferences of the students. The pattern of education is very nice and the kind of opportunities that the children get to explore is just the best. Though the cost of education in US is definitely high but most of the universities offer scholarship programs to the international students. In this way, some of the students are able to grab this opportunity and ensure that major portion of the fee can be paid from the scholarship amount itself.

The best part is that the US scholarships are not only meant for its own residents but it is open for everyone and even for the UK applicants.  Though this has given rise to more competition but the students are able to explore more opportunities that can take their career to a new level. The US scholarships are not only provided to an individual with any particular specialization but the aim is to assist the all rounders to move ahead in life. This is how the scenario has definitely changed thus offering better growth chances.

If you are interested in getting admission to one of the colleges or universities of UK, you can take the help of the scholarship programs. The Ivy League University is one of the well known names that students look for but the increasing competition can reduce your chances to get the scholarship. Therefore it is very important that you are familiar with the eligibility criteria of the scholarship and what additional requirements have to be fulfilled.  Such things can surely increase your chances of getting close to the scholarship.

Even if the scholarship is able to fund 50% of your college fee, it is more than enough. Though the number of scholarships present in the UK universities is quite low as compared to the US universities but still the students are crazy about it. There are no athletic scholarships available in the UK, therefore if you are assorts player, you cannot apply in the UK.

So it is essential for the students to understand the fact that global exposure is not all about getting used to the culture and the lifestyle. Moreover it is an opportunity to utilize your talent, skills and abilities to accomplish your goal and look forward to a bright future.

International Scholarships – Opportunity in US

Many international students are interested in going to abroad and other countries so that they can pursue their higher studies. This trend is rising day by day and it has been only possible with the various scholarships that are easy to grab. Gone were the days when going abroad was just the right of the royal and the rich people. But nowadays anyone who is eligible for the scholarship and has the ability to utilize their skills in the best way can easily go for higher studies. There are numerous opportunities that you can explore but it is all about making the right use of the chance given to you.

If you have a dream to study abroad, the US scholarships will definitely turn your thoughts into reality. There are so many types of scholarship programs available for the students.  You are free to go through the different scholarships and decide the one that best fits with your requirements. If you are eager to know more about the US scholarships, here is a quick review that can prove helpful to you.

MacDowell Colony Residencies Fellowship

People working in any of the disciplines like music composition, architecture, visual arts, literature etc. can apply for this scholarship. It is necessary to send the completed application to the organization so that the panel can review the various applications and shortlist the few names that are considered apt for the fellowship. The scholarship is introduced thrice a year for spring, fall and summer season. Make sure that you send the application before the deadline is over.

Emory University International Scholarships       

These scholarships are only open to the international students who wish to pursue their graduate degree.  Plenty of scholarship programs are provided to the students with each one covering either the half or full tuition fee of the college. In order to apply for this scholarship, you will have to send the duly filled application, necessary documents and the letter of recommendation from your school.  The last date of reaching the application is in the month of November.

BlackBerry Scholarship for International Women          

Those students who are eager to be a part of any of the fields including technology, science, engineering, mathematics etc. is liable for this scholarship. But only the women students can apply for it but the scholarship is open for everyone including the US students as well.  10 scholarships will be provided to the students along with travel and accommodation expense too.

Courage in Journalism Awards for International Women Journalists

Women who are interested in being a part of the journalism can grab this opportunity and avail the benefits of this scholarship. Whether you wish to pursue a full time, part time or a freelancer, you can still apply for this scholarship program to meet your requirements.

There are many more scholarships including National Society of Accountants Scholarships, International Undergraduate Scholarships, Hellenic Times Scholarship Fund, Mojave Audio Vocal Scholarships, Albright Institute Fellowships, BMI Student Awards for International students, DAAD Annual Grants, Leader of the Pack Scholarship, The Roothberth Fund Scholarship Program, Swiss Benevolent Society of New York Scholarships etc. for which you can apply.

Types of Scholarships

Finding the right kind of scholarship program for your higher studies can definitely help you a lot.  It not only becomes easy to fulfill the eligibility criteria but the chances of winning the scholarships also increase. One can come across countless scholarships, some are meant for the disabled students, some are for women and a few of them are general scholarships.  Before you start looking for any scholarship, it is better to search according to the category so that your time is saved and you will get only those options that are meaningful.

Let us have a look at the scholarships based on the category.

General scholarships

These types of scholarships are usually open for everyone and this is the reason that students have to go through a tough competition in order to get selected for the scholarship. As there are innumerable general scholarships, therefore you can apply for many of them to get selected for any one. Some of the scholarships that you will come across are Boren Awards, Glimpse Correspondent Program, Foundation for Global Scholars, International Student Voice Magazine Scholarship, Watson Fellowship etc. The eligibility criteria as well as the deadline for all the scholarships will vary so make sure that you stay updated with the information.

Disability Scholarships

Disability scholarships are particularly meant for the students who are disabled due to any reason. They might be handicapped or have a vision problem, so in this case they can apply for these scholarships which are offered by the nonprofit organizations, ethnic groups, communities and foundations. Some of the disability scholarships for which you can apply are Alexander Graham Bell Association, American Association of People with Disability Hearne Awards, American Association on Health and Disability Scholarships, American Foundation for Blind, Lighthouse International, VSA Young Soloists Awards and many more.

Scholarships categorized according to country or region

Some of the scholarships are also categorized according to the country. For example some of the scholarships are open for US residents, some for the UK and so on. In this way, only the students of the specific country or region can apply for it while others will not be considered.  You will come across plenty of such scholarships with each having eligibility criteria to be met. If you are looking for country specific scholarships, there are lots of options open before you.

Scholarships for women

There are many scholarships that are only provided to the women so that they can move ahead in life and give a strong foundation to their career. Some of the scholarships that are open for women are Young Women in Public Affairs Award Fund, Soroptimist Scholarship, Amelia Earhart Fellowship, PEO Scholarships, American Association of University Women etc.

Scholarships based on subjects

There are a few scholarships that are based on subjects or specialization like journalism, technology, science, engineering, mathematics etc. The scholarships that belong to this category are Arts Recognition and Talent Search, Tourism Cares, National Association of American Business Clubs, Geological Society of America Research Grants etc. For further information about these scholarships, you can visit their website and catch the latest updates.

How to Grab International Scholarships

Planning to study in a different country is a good decision but there are a lot of difficulties that one may have to face. The difference in the culture, tradition and environment can definitely be a question of worry. As you are not familiar with the people and the lifestyle, it may be difficult to get well versed with the new environment.

Above all, the cost of education abroad is quite high and this can disturb the financial stability of any family. That is why scholarships have come as a boon for the international students as it offers the best possible financial assistance to fund your college fee without any problem.

Nowadays the trend of going to other countries for higher studies is on rise with US being on the top. With the help of the scholarships, it becomes easy for the parents to send their children to the best college of US without worrying about the ways to collect money for their college fee.

The amount of money received as a part of the scholarship is enough to pay the college fee and also meet other requirements as well. One can explore countless US scholarships that are specially meant for the international students. But the most important factor to consider is the eligibility criteria. If you do not fulfill the conditions, you cannot apply for the scholarship. So be a little careful and search for the scholarships that match with your qualification and other skills.

Let us go through the various US scholarships for which you can apply.

American Association of University, Women International Fellowships

This fellowship is given to the female students who enroll in any full time graduate or postgraduate program. The scholarship is introduced every year and its last date usually falls in the month of December. Just go through the criteria of the scholarship, if you fulfill it, you are eligible to apply for the same. More information about its process and other information can be gathered from the official website.

SIT study – Abroad HBCU scholarships

School for International Training offers these scholarships to the students who wish to excel in their career. The overall motive is to assist the students in building leadership qualities that are very important for an individual. There are plenty of programs organized by SIT, therefore you can go through and enroll for any one of them as per your choice.

AWS International Scholarship Program

If you are enrolled in a bachelor’s program, you can apply for this scholarship. Apart from the graduate degree, your GPA should be excellent so that you are eligible to apply for the AWS international scholarship program.

NSCS Academy – broad scholarship

Such types of scholarships are meant only for the outstanding students who have a high academic performance record. With the help of this program, you not only get the admission in the top college or university but you can receive a global exposure which can take your career in a new direction. A minimum GPA score of 3.4 is required to apply for the scholarship along with other eligibility criteria’s as well.

How to the Find Perfect Scholarships

Most of the students and their parents have a myth that the scholarships are meant only for those who have a brilliant academic record but this is not true. Over the time, a variety of scholarships have been introduced by the government, foundations and other community organizations thus providing more options to the students. At the present time, there are about thousands of scholarships in various categories like the athletes, graduate students, high school seniors, working professionals, women and many more. Everyone is liable for a US scholarship depending whether you meet the eligibility criteria or not.

So if you are searching for the best scholarships to match your needs, here are a few categories that you can browse.

Athletic scholarships

These types of scholarships are meant for the students who specialize in any one of the sports. No matter whichever sport you play, you can apply for it as the athletic scholarships are open for all kinds of specializations. So if you are skilled in any sport, you can definitely apply for these scholarships which are definitely a great source of financial assistance.

Community Service Scholarships

If you are working in the field of community service this is a superb opportunity for such people as they can receive a good amount of money to complete their studies. There are many people who are devoted in the community services and are looking for such excellent opportunities that come their way. The Federal Work Study Program is one of the best options as it will fund your education and assist you in meeting most of the expenses of your education.

Creative Scholarships

Students who have an innovative approach can apply for this scholarship. There are many students who are outstanding in art and wish to pursue it as their career. With the help of the creative scholarship, you can easily receive the financial aid thus solving your problems.

Academic Scholarships

This is one of the most popular scholarships that provide an opportunity for the students who have performed well in their previous exams. This does not mean that the average students will not get admission into a good college; even they can find the best scholarships that meet the requirements. The eligibility criteria are definitely strict and it is essential to comply with them or else your application can be rejected at the first stage only.

Scholarships for women

There are many scholarships that are offered only to the females. Women who want to have a bright career and are focused towards their studies can enjoy the benefits of such scholarships. It is easy to avail but one needs to follow the right process to apply for any of the female scholarships.

Scholarship for minorities

These types of scholarships are given to a particular group of people. The eligibility criteria are definitely different and that is why you will have to meet the guidelines before you apply for it.

Unusual scholarships

These scholarships are offered by the private companies and include programs like awards for left handed students, scholarship for best prom dress and lots more. So if you have any creative idea, you are eligible for the unusual scholarships.

Get Best Financial Aid via US Scholarships

Scholarships are providing more opportunities to the students who are interested in going to abroad for their higher education. As the cost of education in the US colleges or universities is very high, therefore these scholarships provide financial assistance to the desired students. In this way, they are able to meet their financial needs and seek admission in the right college.

One will come across a wide variety of scholarships but it is necessary for the students to pick the one that best matches with their skills. Researching on the various scholarships can give you an idea about the top scholarships and the process to apply for them. So as soon as you decide to go abroad for your studies, you must start looking for the different scholarships and apply before the deadline is over.

Explore the different types of scholarships

You can find a number of scholarships that can come your way. Some of the scholarships are meant for the students with excellent academic performance and are shortlisted on the basis of their merit. On the other hand, a few scholarships are offered to the students who are females or belong to any particular group or culture. For sports person and military officials also, there are a number of scholarships that can provide financial aid for their children.

The overall idea of the scholarship is to assist in fulfilling the cost of the education as well as other expenses while living in the US.

Sources to find the scholarships

Finding the scholarships is an easy process. You can get connected with the federal or the state agencies who can guide you about the different scholarships that match with your qualification. Some of the nonprofit organizations and foundations are also working in this field by offering numerous awards to the students. The internet is the biggest source of information from where you can gather any kind of updated news related to the US scholarships. Other sources include TRIO counselor, ethnic organizations, local business etc.

The process to apply

The process of applying to any of the scholarships is almost the same. You have to send the application along with the documents that are asked by the organization or college. Every scholarship has its own criteria, so you must first ensure that you fulfill the conditions. Once you qualify for the scholarship, you can apply as per the process to obtain the scholarship amount.

How the scholarship will reach the students?

Your scholarship will either be sent to you via check or it can be sent to your college as well. After deducting the college fee and other charges, the remaining amount is given back to the student. So the organizations can use any of the above methods.

Benefits of the scholarships

The scholarship amount can be used in paying your college fee, accommodation and accomplishing other basic requirements. It not only reduces the burden of the parents but you can manage your studies on your own. Thus scholarships have become the most popular way to seek admission in one of the reputed colleges of United States and enjoy financial aid.

Tips to Get Your US Scholarships

Students who now wish to study abroad especially in the USA are opting for more and more US scholarships. These scholarships are almost mandatory in contemporary times for a student to go to the USA for higher studies. In fact, the financial aspect is so high that it is not possible for a person to organise such huge sums of money all by himself. Thus there are schemes of US scholarships which include education scholarships, living scholarships and others. But there are some tips and methods to clear before one gets his scholarship. These tips are enumerated in details below.

How to get your Recommendation letter?

A letter of recommendation works wonders. It provides the recruiters a viewpoint about the candidate from a person who knows the candidate well. These letters of recommendations can come from internships, work experiences, participation in extra- curricular activities but most importantly from the academic professors. One should approach the faculty member/s making sure that he/she is not a part timer or is on a sabbatical.

One should provide all details and discuss plans about getting US Scholarships. One must be sure that the professor recognises him as a faculty member meets more than three hundred students per day. Highlighting the deadline is important as sometimes they take longer to provide a letter. Also, it is important to provide the faculty member regular updates about one’s scholarship and maintain contacts even after the work is done.

A Well-written Essay

Apart from a letter of recommendation one needs to provide the recruiters with a fully furnished essay. This essay lists all the positive achievements and experiences one has gone through in his career. In fact it is mandatory to provide an essay when applying for US Scholarships. This is done so that the recruiter can have a detailed idea about the candidate, his aims, strengths, achievements and other details that would help them shortlist him for the scholarship. One should organize a proper essay with a theme, a constant pattern of narrating or writing with the important points highlighted. Clarity should be maintained throughout the essay for better understanding of the candidate’s words.

The activity list

An activity sheet must be provided as well. These activity sheets are simple lists of all the achievements of the candidates in various spheres of life. The activity sheet includes achievements through college or high school as well as outside the academic arena. A candidate might be a member of a swimming club where he has won the best swimmer medal for three years .This is an achievement that one should highlight to the scholarship authorities.

The Final interview

The final stage for the selection process of the US scholarships is a one to one interview. Interviews are basically conducted so that the authorities get to know the candidate personally. One needs to dress up smartly and wear confidence on their face. His behavior and gestures should reflect his is often advisable to brush up through the application once before attending the interview so that one gets the idea of what is in store for him.

Thus, clearing all stages and getting US scholarships is not a difficult process only if one knows how to go about it in the correct manner.

Explore Scholarships for the Minority Groups

Finding the right scholarship for the minority groups has become easier with thousands of such scholarships available online. These types of scholarships are not only offered by the local or the state government but even the nonprofit organizations, various foundations and the federal government together introduces plenty of scholarships that are only for the minority class. In order to apply for these scholarships, you will have to meet the eligibility criteria of the individual scholarships to obtain the same. Though there are numerous minority scholarships that you will explore but choosing the right one can make a difference to your career.

So now a question arises that how you will search for the minority class scholarships. These scholarships are usually based on the minority group to which students belong. Let’s discover more about these groups and the scholarships offered by them.

African America

If you belong to the African America group, you are liable to apply for the various scholarships that are meant for such students. Some of the foundations and organizations that offer scholarships to these students are United Negro College Fund, Historical Black Colleges and Universities, STEM Scholarships, Jackie Robinson Foundation and lots more. Apart from these options, you also have the public/private organizations that provide grant funds to the students belonging to this class.

Asian American

Students belonging to the Asian American group can easily explore a variety of scholarships that are offered by the Asian American organizations, college or universities, nonprofit organizations, etc. Some of the scholarships are also based on the specialization like the SAJA Journalism Scholarships that offers $8500 to the students who are interested in the field of journalism and want to pursue it as a career.


If you are one of the Hispanic students who are facing financial problems, you can definitely take the benefit of the exclusive scholarships which are meant only for the Hispanic minority groups. There are several foundations dedicated to the task of helping the Hispanic students so that they can move one level up and ensure a better career growth. Some of the scholarship programs that are available for the Hispanic students include Hispanic Scholarship Fund, Google scholarship program, Sallie Mae Fund first in my family program, Hilton diversity scholarship program, MasterCard scholarship program and lots more.

Native American

Do you belong to the Native American group? If yes, you have a number of options open before you. There are many federal programs which are started by the government to assist such students. Even the state governments of the United State have come forward to provide opportunities to the deserving students.


Even women are considered to be a part of the minority group and there are lots of scholarships that usually target the females. Some of them are either offered by the nonprofit organizations while a few are provided by the public or the private companies. A few names that make into this list are Business and Professional Women’s Foundation, Society of Women Engineer Scholarship, Make a Statement Scholarship, Young Women in Public Affairs Program, Educational Foundation for Women in Accounting and many more.

Graduate Scholarships for Minorities

Funding your child’s education fee is no more a typical task for the parents. With a number of graduate scholarships being offered by the different foundations and organizations, the task has become a little easier. Now you can explore innumerable graduate scholarships that easily accomplish the requirements of the students and help them to find a place in one of the best institutes as well. In the year 2007, even Harvard University of America started with a program to provide financial aid to the underprivileged students or the minority groups. Such type of financial assistance is fruitful for the students who belong to the middle class families and do not have the funds to study in a reputed college or university.

NCAA – Ethnic minority and Women’s Enhancement postgraduate scholarship

This scholarship is given to the minority students who hold a graduate degree in sports administration. There are many students who do not get the right opportunity but have a lot of skills and talent. So with the help of such a scholarship, they can definitely find the right direction to shape their career. 13 awards are given to the females while the rest 13 to ethnic minorities.

Project 1000 – the first step towards helping the minority graduate students

Project 1000 was an initiative to assist the graduate students of the minority group to avail better learning opportunities. This is the reason that such a step was taken to provide them the right support which they required. The motive to connect 1000 students to the graduate program was very successful as the process was made simple just to attract the students. There were around 80 colleges where the students could apply and take a step towards higher studies. The students are free to apply online or they can even seek help from the advisors who offer the best possible guidance. The eligibility criteria of this program were that the student should belong to the US or have been a permanent citizen, enrolled in a graduate degree in any of the fields including technology, science or engineering.

The Woodrow Wilson National Fellowship Foundation

This fellowship specially catered to women with an aim to provide them better growth opportunities so that they could compete with their counterparts. All the students who are interested in applying for this fellowship will have to meet the eligibility criteria or else their application will be rejected. According to the eligibility criteria, the students should be enrolled in the master’s program in any one of the disciplines including sociology, economics, foreign language, business and political science.

MBA scholarship

This scholarship program is meant for the students who are a part of the Hispanic culture or belong to the Native Americans. Your entire fee of the MBA program will be funded under the JP Morgan’s Summer Associate Investment Banking Program. Thus the minority students need not take tension about the education fee as the scholarship will manage their expenses. So go through the eligibility criteria once and apply for the scholarship to make your position strong among other contenders.

The Myths About Minority Scholarships

Pursuing your studies have become very easy especially for the students who belong to the minority class. The scholarships have opened better opportunities before the individuals through which they can easily meet the expenses of their education without being a burden on their parents or the family. The best part is that these scholarships can help you in getting admission to the best college that you have been dreaming for. Thus it can be said that the scholarships have definitely come across as a superb option before the students who are financially weak but have the ambition to move ahead in life.

Some of the scholarships are given to the students for their wonderful academic performance while some are just given because the student is not financially stable. Hence whatever may be the reason but you can avail a new chance to show your talent and work hard to fulfill your dreams. So there are plenty of options open before the people who belong to the minority group.

But an important question that will come in everyone’s mind is the definition of the minority group. Such a group is not categorized by their religion or the background but it depends on the kind of lifestyle they follow, their culture, the medium of communication and lots of other characteristics that differentiate them from the other people. There are many scholarships that focus on the minority groups like the Hispanic Scholarship Fund, American Indian Education Fund etc. These scholarships are usually meant for the people belonging to the Hispanic heritage or belonging to the Native America respectively.

Minority groups are also identified with their number. For example women are also considered to be a part of the minority as their number is quite less as compared to the entire population. This is the reason that some of the scholarships are exclusively meant for the females only and they are accredited to apply for them. Such scholarships include The Association for Women in Science that provides an opportunity for the women to enroll in any program they like and complete their studies. In this way they are able to grab the chance of being a part of a reputed college and make their dreams come true.

Most of the people have a myth that minority scholarships are usually provided to the students who are financially weak but this not true. Though this can be a considerable point but there are other factors too that determine whether a person belongs to the minority class or not. The minority scholarships are not offered on the basis of any religion or race but to the students, who belong to a particular culture, practice a different lifestyle and have a different religion as well.

While looking for the minority scholarships, it is very necessary that the students do not overlook the above factors or they can miss the chance of getting a scholarship. So if you come across any minority scholarship, just take a look at the eligibility criteria to ensure whether you can apply for that particular scholarship or not.

Explore Vast Array of High School Scholarships

High school scholarships have always been popular and that is why many organizations keep introducing countless scholarship programs to help the students. If you are looking for high school scholarships to complete your education, here are some of the excellent choices that you can consider.

Abbott & Ferner Scholarship Foundation

The foundation aims at helping the students who have a desire to be successful and the ability to work hard. Whether you a high school junior or a senior, you can apply for this scholarship. In order to apply for this scholarship, you will have to write an essay on any topic and submit it to the mentioned email id. Out of all the received applications, a few names will be shortlisted for the scholarship.

BigSun scholarship

All the athletes who wish to continue their studies can apply for this scholarship. The motive of the Big Sun Foundation is to provide an opportunity for the athletes to complete their education without worrying about the finances. The amount of money that the student will receive is $500 and for the eligibility criteria, you should be involved in any kind of sports.

American Chemical Society Scholarship

Students who wish to make their career in the field of chemistry are eligible to apply for the scholarship. The scholarship amount varies but will not exceed $5000 in any case. If you meet the eligibility criteria, you can apply for it and wait for the response.

Casey Family Scholar’s Program

If you have been under the foster care due to any of the reasons, you are eligible for the scholarship program. Apart from the above criteria, the age should be below 25 and enrolled in one of the post secondary programs in any institution or university.

Anne Maureen Whitney Barrow memorial scholarships

The foundation has been started by the women engineers who want to support the underprivileged children who are deprived with the right to education. If you do not have any means to pay your fee, this scholarship will prove helpful in a number of ways. The eligibility criteria say that the students should be a resident of US, their GPA must be 3.0, they should be a part of the CSAB program and also enrolled as a female engineer student. If these criteria are fulfilled, you can apply for the scholarship.

The Eagle foundation

In order to apply for this scholarship, you must meet the following criteria. Your GPA should be 3.4, SAT score should be around 1800, enrolled in a four year graduate program in any reputed colleges in the US, financially weak and possess leadership traits as well. If all the above criteria are met, you can be considered for the scholarship award.

AT&T Foundation scholarship

AT&T foundation offers a variety of scholarship programs to the high school students with each having its own criteria to be fulfilled. If you want to apply for any of the scholarships, you can inquire about the eligibility criteria and the process to apply for it. Online application can also be submitted so visit the website and collect detailed information about the scholarships.

A Quick Guide on High School Scholarships

Are you a high school student looking for financial assistance? There are numerous high school scholarships available to meet the needs of the students and help them in accomplishing their dreams. There are many students who want to pursue higher studies in the US but they are financially weak and cannot pay higher education fee. In such a case, the scholarships come as a good rescue because you can easily pay the fee for your college and also meet other important expenses while living in the United States.

The best thing about the high school scholarships is that it is very common and this is the reason that you can explore a number of programs to suit your needs. One can explore the amount of money that will be provided as a part of the scholarship, what is the eligibility criteria and how you have to apply for it. Complete information is available to help the students in getting familiar with the various scholarships and how each one will be useful.
So let us have a look at the different kinds of high school scholarships that best match your qualifications.

21st Century Healthcare Works

If you are interested in entering the heath care field, this is the right scholarship for you. This scholarship is open to the unemployed people and the ones who are financially weak. If you lie in the age group of 18-24, you are free to apply for this scholarship which is definitely a great opportunity for the high school students. The deadline of submitting the application will vary so stay updated with the program.

UMHEF Scholarships

UMHEF is one of the oldest and national foundations that are dedicated in assisting the students to pursue higher studies and fulfill their dreams. It has been serving the people for 42 years; therefore it is a reliable scholarship and offers a number of benefits to the students. Ever year these scholarships are introduced to help the students in building a bright career.

HCC Black History Committee Scholarship

HCC Foundation offers this scholarship to the eligible students who meet the eligibility criteria and are in need of financial support from the foundation. It receives lots of applications every year but only a few are able to make it into the list. If you want to get the scholarship, send your application before the deadline expires.

AMT Student Scholarships

The amount of this scholarship is $500. In order to obtain the scholarship reward, you will have to submit the application as well as the evidence stating your financial condition. Once the criteria are met, you can get a chance to win the scholarship.

ANS Incoming Freshman Scholarships

If you are interested in the field of nuclear engineering, you can apply for this scholarship. It rewards an amount of $1000 to the students who strictly adhere to the eligibility criteria and fulfill other requirements as well.

Some more high school scholarships include COAG Scholarship; VIP Women in Technology Scholarship, Dr. Alma Adam’s Scholarship, SEED Foundation Scholarship, Best Buy Scholarship, Illinois Bonus Incentive Grant and lots more.

How to Excel in Studies in US Colleges?

Success comes to those who are serious about it and work hard to achieve their aim. Most of the international students who get themselves enrolled in the top colleges of US usually waste their time rather than focusing on their studies. Time flies at a very fast pace, therefore it is necessary to understand the importance of time or else you will be able to lose the opportunities that come your way. As soon you become the part of the college, your first year will pass in no time and you will have more responsibilities to shoulder.

Most of the students get carried away with the charm and the lifestyle of their new college that they deviate from the studies and involve in other activities. If you want to fulfill your aim and want to do something in life, just avoid the three mistakes which can certainly destroy your career and also lose the faith of your parents.

Never skip the campus activities

Plenty of activities are organized by the college to keep the students busy. This is a great chance for the students to show their talent and become a part of different activities. In this way, they will be able to learn something new and get in touch with other people. So never stay away from the various kinds of activities that are arranged in the college as you get a unique experience which you can share with your other friends too. Such activities are also fruitful in the all round development of an individual and transform their personality. Your confidence will go up and it will be easy to fight with the challenges of life. Thus you can learn a lot from these activities and stay fit too.

Connecting with a few people and friends

There are many students who do not like to connect with people and this is the reason that they always stay confined to themselves. Getting in touch with new people will help you to know more about the college, the culture that prevails in US, people living around, the lifestyle and lots more. It is a great opportunity to get familiar with the people around you and make yourself comfortable. Thus you will get used to the new environment in a small amount of time thus enjoying your life.

Not utilizing the professor’s office hours

The professors’ office hours are specially meant for the students so that they can come up with their questions and get the answers. But most of the students waste their time in other activities thus losing the chance to get deep knowledge from their professors. Every college provides this facility to the students so that they can contact the concerned professor and get the answers to the questions going in their mind. You can intimate the professor through an email so that they can keep themselves free for your questions.

Coming to US for studies is a lifetime opportunity that one should not miss. Try to grab all the chances so that you can utilize them and look forward to a bright future.

Tips to Follow for International Scholarships

The demand of the international scholarships is rising day by day with a number of students applying for it. The competition is definitely touching the sky as only a few deserving candidates are able to receive the scholarships while others have to try again. So if want to increase your chances of getting a US scholarship, just read this article and unveil the important tips that you can focus on.

Look for scholarships that best match with your skills

The most important parameter to consider while looking for a scholarship is to search them according to your field. You will come across a number of scholarships that are meant for various fields and the students can apply for it. There are plenty of sites that provide information on the US scholarships only and tips to apply for them. Get ready to spend some time in researching the different scholarship programs so that you are able to choose the right one.

Check the eligibility criteria

Every scholarship has its own criteria which should be fulfilled to avail the scholarship. There are basically two types of criteria; one is the basic while the other is the additional qualification. It is necessary to qualify for the criteria or else you may not be considered eligible for the scholarship. Some of them even ask for certain skills and traits too. Hence, search for the scholarships that match with your qualification and skills.

Increase your winning chances

The competition is definitely high; therefore it is essential to project yourself in such a way that your application is accepted. Firstly apply for the scholarships that are less popular or not many people know about it. This will increase your chances of being in the list of top contenders for a specific scholarship. Secondly keep your application attractive, simple and complete. Focus more on your skills so that the panel is impressed and offers the scholarship to you.

Find answers to your queries related to the scholarships

It is obvious that there might be many questions in your mind related to the scholarships. So the best way to clear your doubts is to find their answers and then take the decision. Ensure that you are clear with the eligibility criteria of the scholarships, when to apply, what is the deadline, is the scholarship open for the international students and lots more. Try to get the answers to every question; you have in your mind.

Shortlist the best scholarships

Most of the students waste their time in applying for all the scholarships which is definitely a wrong approach. Shortlist some of the best scholarships that match with your skills and apply for them only. This will increase your chances of getting a scholarship and you will be able to focus on each of them to complete it on time.

Search US colleges and its scholarships

The best way is to find the right scholarship is visit the website of the college where you want to enroll and search for its scholarship programs. This is very easy and you will be able to seek admission in the college of your choice too.

Tips to Look for International Scholarships

The rising interest of the students to be a part of the US colleges or universities has led to the introduction of countless scholarship programs. At the present time, there is a huge trend among the graduates as well as working professionals to go to the United States and complete their studies with a view to grab better opportunities. With so many scholarships available for the students, it is quite confusing to understand which one is the right and how it will prove helpful. Hence it is necessary to gather complete information before you can take any decision.

There are several free sources available that not only provide the best information about the scholarships but guide you in the right direction. You are free to ask your queries and get the best answer that you have been looking for. So what are the general questions that the students have in their mind?

Scholarship scams

The increasing number of scholarship scams is definitely a question of worry for the students as well as their parents. It becomes really difficult to identify whether the scholarship is genuine or fake. On the other hand, there are many sources that charge the users if they go through the database and seek other information. All the information available over the internet is free and there is no need to pay for it. Even if you are being asked to make any kind of payments, stay away from such sources. Sources that offer guarantees of the scholarships are definitely a scam.

Spend time on researching

Do not get carried away with the claims made by the private organizations or unknown foundations. As it is the question of your future, so take time in reading about the various scholarships available for the US colleges and how it can be helpful. Compare the scholarships to get an idea about the best one that fits in your requirements. Once you are satisfied with your research, you can select a few scholarships and apply for them.

How to apply for any US scholarships?

Applying for a US scholarship is very simple as all the information is provided to assist the students. You have to fill in the application form and submit it with the necessary documents that are asked. If there is any specific requirement of the university or the association that offers the scholarship, make sure that you adhere to it. Incomplete applications will not be accepted and you can lose the chance of winning the scholarship.

Eligibility criteria

All the scholarships have their own eligibility criteria, therefore it is essential to go through the criteria before you apply. Though the criteria are quite simple but sometimes you may not fulfill any criteria which can cancel your application. So it is better that you make yourself familiar with the eligibility conditions and apply only if you qualify for them. This will save your time and you can look for other scholarships as well.

Thus, do not hurry in taking any decision but have patience to get complete information about a particular scholarship and then apply for it.

Get Financial Aid through Scholarships

Want to pursue your higher studies from US? The college fee is quite high? Don’t bring such questions in your minds as funding your college education has become simple. If you are eager to be a part of the most reputed colleges in the US, you have an opportunity that can help you to make your dreams come true. The US scholarships offer this chance only to the selected student so hurry up or you will lose the opportunity.

Nowadays everyone is interested in going to US and abroad so that they can continue with their studies. The main motive of relocating to another country is the better growth and opportunities that is not possible in your own country. That is why many international students are finding ways to get associated with the colleges and make their future bright. Searching the right scholarship can make a big difference to your career so get started now.

Scholarships offered by colleges or universities

If you are looking for a general scholarship program, you should take the help of the college or university in which have to enroll and ask them about such programs. The other option is to visit the official website of the college from where you will be able to gather complete information. There are several US colleges that fund the education of students through their scholarships. So get ready to search for the different colleges or universities that provide such a facility to its students.

Scholarships for the international students

Many a times it is seen that some of the US scholarships are only meant for the US residents; therefore it is very important that you fulfill the eligibility criteria. Find out some of the top scholarships that you wish to apply for and then have a look at the criteria. If your qualifications and skills match, you can apply or else look for some other options. In this way you will be able to apply for the right scholarship that matches with your skills.

Loans or grants offered by the government

There are many states as well as federal agencies dedicated in offering financial assistance to the students.  Such types of scholarships are meant for the students, disabled people, women, graduates, high school seniors and many more.  Despite the high competition, it will be easy to meet the eligibility criteria and obtain the scholarship. So explore the various types of grants and awards that agencies offer and the process to apply for.

Scholarships provided by the foundations and organizations

Apart from the colleges and the government aided agencies, even the nonprofit organizations are offering a variety of scholarship programs to suit the requirements of the individuals. The scholarship amount can vary so make sure that you have gathered complete information before you enroll in any program. This will be helpful and you will be able to fund your education without any problem.

No matter, what sources you are using to get the US scholarships but the ultimate motive remains the same. So take out some time and explore the above sources deeply.

Scholarships for International Students

Studying abroad has never been so easy just like it is at the present time. One of the most difficult parts of studying abroad is the cost factor. Most of the colleges and universities usually charge a lump sum amount of money as a part of the fee which is quite scary. It is certainly not feasible to pay such a huge amount and also bear the other expenses of your children. So a better option to avail the advantage of the scholarships that not only accomplish your financial needs, but other expenses as well.

Owing to the several advantages associated with the scholarships, it has become one of the most popular options.  The increasing demand of the scholarships has led to higher competition thus providing the opportunity to only a few selected students. If you want to join the college of your choice, here are the different types of scholarships which you can search and apply for.

Merit based scholarships

There are many scholarships which are provided only on the basis of the academic record.  So if you have performed well in your last examination, you can definitely apply for this scholarship and get your name in the merit list. In order to apply for such scholarships, you will have to meet the eligibility criteria which play an important role while preparing the merit list. Out of innumerable applications received from the students, only a few are shortlisted and provided with the scholarship. Thus, if your GPA is high, there are higher chances that you can be a strong contender for such scholarships.

Destination specific

If you are willing to study in the US, many colleges or universities of US can offer this facility depending upon the program to which the student wants to enroll.  In case of destination based scholarships, the student will be provided with the scholarship by the country where they wish to study. You can easily explore a number of scholarships that are strictly based on destination like Asia. Europe, America etc.

Subject specific

There are many students who search for scholarships according to the subject which interests them the most. For example, journalism is one of the subjects which grab the attention of many women so you can find many scholarship programs in the field of journalism. Similarly there are other subjects like technology, architecture, mathematics and science for which the scholarships are available as per the choice of the student.

Student specific

Some of the scholarships are searched according to the group, gender, personal interest, athletic scholarships and lots more.  If you are looking for any specific scholarship, you can enter the category and browse a number of options.

Program specific              

Many of the scholarships are offered to the students based on their achievements and the progress they have made in their field. If you possess any qualification, you can search for the scholarships as per the requirement but make sure that you comply with the eligibility criteria. Usually these types of scholarships are offered by the colleges and universities only, so try to get detailed information from the respective colleges before you apply for them.

How to Obtain the Culinary Scholarships

Culinary scholarships have become quite common but there are very few people who are aware of it. If you are eager to be a part of the restaurant industry or wish to join the hospitality program, you can definitely take the advantage of the culinary scholarships that offer an opportunity to the young generation. Though there are countless scholarships that are made available from different organizations but most of the people have no idea from where to get these scholarships and how to apply for them.

There are basically three ways through which you can easily get the right scholarship that will pay the major part of your educational fee so that you can continue with your studies. The three sources are foundations, benefactors and the businesses. So let’s explore how each one can help you in finding the most suitable culinary art scholarship for the deserving candidates.

There are many non-profit organizations as well as foundations that are dedicated towards offering the best scholarship to the students. The motive of such foundations is to boost the confidence of the students and provide them with financial assistance that is required. Not all students are financially strong to pay the fee; hence in such a case you can take the help of the various foundations and explore a variety of scholarships that prove fruitful for you. In order to avail these scholarships, you will have to meet the eligibility criteria before you can apply for it. So make sure that you are well versed with the scholarships and the amount of money that you will receive

Apart from the foundations, you can also take the help of the professionals who are a part of the culinary industry. They are more popularly called as benefactors and can help the students to recommend them for the private scholarships. But you will have to convince them that you are serious about the program and are eager to become successful in this field. If your convincing skills are strong, you can definitely leave an impact on their mind and get yourself recommended for the private scholarship. The scholarship will be provided to you till the time the benefactor is happy with your progress or else they can withdraw the request any time they want. Thus put your best efforts and study hard.

You can also obtain scholarships from the workplaces where you are currently serving. Many a times it happens that if an employer is good and has gained a sufficient amount of experience then the industry offers them a scholarship program so that they can go for higher studies and gain more knowledge to serve the industry in a better way. Such options are really beneficial as the employer is able to fulfill their dreams while the company can enjoy the services of their employee even while they are studying.

So depending upon the personal preference of the individuals, you are free to avail the culinary scholarship from any of the options explained above. Hope your career takes a new leap and establishes you as a prominent employer of the restaurant industry.

Tips to Enroll in Culinary Art Scholarships

Are you interested in the field of culinary art? Want to pursue it as your career and move ahead in life? This is definitely a great decision as culinary art is a highly progressive field with a number of opportunities open before you. If you pursue culinary art program from one of the renowned colleges of the US, you will certainly explore numerous opportunities once you have successfully completed the course. But the high amount of fee is one of the major reasons that restrict the international and local students from applying to the colleges of the United States.

With the help of the culinary art scholarships, you not only receive financial aid but you are just one step away from a bright career. As compared to the student loans, these scholarships as well as awards are really a superb option and help the deserving students in continuing their studies. Though there are plenty of scholarships that will come your way but the right selection can definitely prove useful for the students.

Let’s have a look at the various culinary art scholarships that are offered by various associations and nonprofit organizations.

The Ecolah Scholarship

This scholarship is offered by the American Hotel & Lodging Educational Foundation with an aim to help the students and leaders of the lodging industry so that they receive the right exposure to begin their career. The only eligibility criteria for this scholarship are to be enrolled in an undergraduate hospitality program. There are two types of awards; one is given to the associate majors having an amount of $1000 while the other one is given to the baccalaureate majors holding an amount of $2000.

Wisconsin Baker’s Association Scholarship

This scholarship program was started with a motive to help the students who wish to become qualified bakers but could not enroll in any reputed college. With the help of such scholarships, students can complete their culinary art program and give a good start to their career. If you are interested in this field, go through the eligibility criteria and submit the application. But this scholarship is meant for the people of Wisconsin only, therefore others cannot apply for it.

CRAEF Scholarship Program

CRAEF, also known as California Restaurant Association Educational Foundation has taken an initiative to assist the high school seniors and undergraduate students who are eager to be a part of the restaurant industry. If you wish to pursue higher studies, this scholarship is very useful in providing financial aid. The scholarship is meant for the US residents only so gather complete information and get familiar with the eligibility criteria as well.

Russ Case Scholarship

This scholarship is being funded by the Russ Casey / Maine Restaurant with a motive to boost the restaurant industry and provide better opportunities to the interesting students. The scholarship amount is $1000 and offered to the students of Maine only, therefore make sure that you meet the criteria before sending the application.
Other culinary art scholarships for which you can apply are AH&LEF Incoming Freshman Scholarship, Nellie Martin Carman scholarship fund, AAC Culinary Scholarship, APWU Vocational Scholarship program and lots more.