College Freshman Survival Tips

college freshman College Freshman Survival Tips

6 Things Every College Freshman Needs to Know

Adjusting to life as a college freshman is a challenge for anyone. You have to go from being the top dog in high school to the bottom of the totem pole. While this may be discouraging, it is something you just have to get through. With the advice below, you should be able to make your transition smoothly and actually learn something while you’re in school. Here are five things every college freshman needs to know.

Start Applying for Scholarships…NOW

You may be tempted by all the student loans available to you, but don’t rely on those to pay for college. You will do yourself a huge favor if you start applying for college scholarships early on. You can never have too much financial aid money, so you might as well aim to get as much funding as possible.

To make your applications go faster and easier, you can use a program like ScholarshipOwl to send out your applications for you. All you have to do is fill out one application when you register for your free account, and the program completes your applications for you. It will even pair you with scholarships you qualify for.

You’re Going to Get Picked on

You just have to expect a little bullying when you first get to college. This won’t be nearly as bad as it was in elementary school and junior high, but it will be something to watch out for. You just have to take everything in stride and ignore any mean comments that come your way. When people know they aren’t impacting you, they’ll stop messing with you.

High School Jokes Don’t Work in College

The jokes you once thought were funny are now going to seem immature. If you notice people rolling their eyes when you try to be funny, you need to think about what you’re saying a little more. Just hang back and watch other funny people in action. You can pick up on their styles over time.

Getting Wasted Isn’t Cool

As tempted as you may be to get drunk at a toga party, you need to keep your alcohol intake in check. Cops love to check in on college parties, and they will arrest you for underage drinking. Even if you don’t get caught by law enforcement, you’re liable to make an ass out of yourself under the influence. You need to stay sober as much as possible and focus on school – even if you think that makes you look like a dork.

You Actually Have to Study in College

You can’t wait to the last minute to study for a test, and you can’t ignore the professor when he gives a lecture. High school is much easier than college, and you’ll learn that the hard way if you don’t pay attention. Focus early on, and you’ll be able to get good grades in your first semester.

It Will Get Better

As crappy as your life may seem during that first semester, you need to know that it will get better. You had to go through the same kind of experiences in high school. You got through those, right? Just focus on getting your degree and try to get through this year in one piece. Then you can be proud of yourself for overcoming the hard part.

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