Scholarship – $1,000

Starting a business requires a lot of work and knowledge in order for a business to succeed.  Having understanding about business functionality as well as having a good business plan can open windows to many new possibilities.  Being prepared helps businesses expand to new levels.  It is important to know how to take care of a business and its finances in order for the business to function suitably.  My Solo 401k Financial focuses on having businesses succeed with small business financing and 401k retirement funds.  Their main goal is to minimize debt, go around taking loans, and seek retirement account needs. is giving away a $1,000 scholarship to undergraduate and graduate students for their schooling.  All students are required to do is submit their essay by the December 15th deadline.  Students are to write a minimum 1,000 words on the topic listed and to have their essay stand out from the rest.  In the end students will be able to learn new concepts and get prepared for their college education and possibly future business.  This scholarship opportunity is not only for students pursuing finance or business degrees, but for other fields of study as well.  Anyone could open their business and be able to know the steps to take to have a fully functional business.  Whether students are pursuing nursing and wish to open an Assistant Living Facility one day or pursuing education and wish to open their own daycare, this opportunity is going to open their eyes.  My Solo 401k Financial would like for students to take the right steps to getting their educational and career dreams and turn it into reality.  You can sign up for this scholarship and many more with

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