AAUW International Scholarship for Women

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As the name of the scholarship indicates, AAUW international scholarship is only for women. It is the abbreviation of the American Association of University Women. This University has a vast carrier in advanced education and it has also provided a number of great opportunities for women in all over the world. The sources of fundings for the AAUW are the grants by the women and some of the nonprofit organizations. The University provides an opportunity to study in the United States of America especially for the students who are not citizens of America but wanted to live and study in America. The University supports both the graduate women students as well as the postgraduate students.

The University supports a large number of institutes in America. The applicant of the scholarship must be an enrolled student of any of these Universities. All the students (women) of different fields can apply for the scholarship. There is not any specification of the desired subjects like in the subject of science the student can have the specialization in sustainable development, international human rights law, microfinance, curriculum design, microbiology, and malaria research, and many others.

The American Association University for women has been supported about 3000 women from almost 135 countries of the world. The target audience of the AAUW is all those students who are not permanent residents of the United States of America. With the help of the provided funds and scholarships, many problems of the female students are solved like the economic barriers and many other problems. For the master’s level scholarships, the funding provided is about $18,000 and for the doctorate education, the funds are about $20,000 whereas for the postdoctoral education there is $30,000 funding is available. For the scholarship, you should be eligible and the other most essential criteria that are required are the applicant must be a girl or a woman.

For the applicants, it is so much important to apply before the deadline so that the University considers your application. All the scholarship applications that are submitted after the due date are rejected by the organization and the winners are selected from the approved applications. You should visit the official website of AAUW for day-to-day updates. If you want to apply for the scholarship or have any questions regarding the services provided by the organization then you must follow its office or go to its official website so that you can get the required information and apply for the university scholarship to get your funding.

If you are really a needy student, then you must apply for the scholarship. It is your right and you should not give up your right without any problem. This awarded money can help you to get admission in a well-reputed organization. Nowadays, getting a scholarship is not an easy task. You have to show all your previous records either they are academic or records of any renowned activity.

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