Computer Science Scholarships

computer science scholarships Computer Science Scholarships

Computer science is a vast and growing field, and it can also be a very expensive one to go to school for. If you are thinking about majoring in computer science or a program of that nature, you may want to look into the computer science scholarships available to you. Computer science and information technology students have access to a plethora of financial aid opportunities, so you should have no trouble finding a way to pay for college. As long as you maintain your grades and your commitment to technology, you can pay for college without student loans.

Popular Computer Science Scholarships

Check out these popular computer science and information technology scholarships:

What Will You Pay For A Computer Science Degree?

The money you pay for your computer science degree will depend on how much time you spend in school, what type of school you attend (public or private), which IT degree you earn, and more. This table shows some of the average college costs for computer science students, courtesy of CollegeCalc:

  • Computer Science Bachelor’s Degree: $33,708 per year
  • Computer Science Associate’s Degree: $18,485 per year

These figures represent out of state tuition rates, so they may be lower if you attend a college or university in your current state. No matter where you choose to go to school, you can look to computer science scholarships to cover your expenses and help you pay for college.