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Department of States is the best and well known institute of the United States of America. About 800 professionals and faculty members are sent abroad by the institute each year. A wide range of researches has been conducted in a variety of subjects and fields each year. The Core Fulbright Scholarship Program is sponsored by the Department of the States. This scholarship is especially for the professionals and faculty members.

Core Fulbright Scholarship program policy.

• J. William Fulbright foreign Scholarship Board established the procedures and policies of the scholarship programs. The president of the United States appointed a board of 12 members in order to establish the rules and policies of the Core Fulbright Scholarship program.
• According to the rules and policies, the scholarship is provided to the students who have not received any scholarship or financial aid in their previous academic history.
• The eligibility criteria are applied to all those candidates who apply for the scholarship program.
• According to the policies of the program, candidates are selected without discrimination of age, color, race, sex and religion.

Eligibility criteria of Core Fulbright Scholarship.

• There is no lifetime limit or the age limitation while applying for the scholarship. This scholarship program is for 2014 to 2015 year.
• The permanency residence of the United States of America is not sufficient for the scholarship program.
• All the candidates that are professionals and artists are eligible to get the scholarship.
• All the fresh graduates that have limited experience are also eligible for the scholarship.
• All the doctoral students and other professional students who want to complete their degrees are able to apply for the scholarship.
• The English language is required to achieve the scholarship.
• All the sound mental and physical health can also apply for the scholarship. For those students examination reports and medical history are required before finalizing the grant.
• The scholarship will not provide to the people or students who are involved in some missionary or any religious activity.

Guidelines for eligibility for the scholarships.

• According to the board of the scholarship program, only those students are eligible for the scholarship who has not received any scholarship, grant or financial aid in the academic history. All those students who have availed this opportunity before, are not eligible for the scholarship.
• All those students who have been living abroad for more than five or six years consecutively after submission of application are not eligible for the scholarship.

All this record is kept along with the other details of the candidate so that the institute can track the previous academic record of the candidates.

All those people who are working in the Department of States and their families are not eligible for these types of scholarships programs. If the employee is terminated from the institute then after a year of the termination of the employment, the employee or any member of his family can apply to the scholarship.

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