Engineering Scholarships

engineering scholarships Engineering Scholarships

Engineering degrees are challenging, intense, and unfortunately, expensive. If you are planning a career in mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, architectural engineering, or something else along those lines, you may need financial aid to cover the cost of college. The engineering scholarships below will give you a good foundation to start paying for your degree.

Popular Engineering Scholarships

Check out these popular engineering scholarships:

What Will You Pay For An Engineering Degree?

The money you pay for your engineering degree will depend on a wide assortment of factors. The type of engineering career you pursue will play a role, as well as the type of college to attend and how long you spend in school. Look through the statistics below from CollegeCalc to get a general idea of how much money you need in engineer scholarships:

  • Engineering Bachelor’s Degree:  $30,390 per year
  • Engineering Associate’s Degree: $19,777 per year

You may be able to save some money on your engineering degree by attending a school in your home state. The costs above represent out-of-state tuition, which is typically higher than in-state tuition. No matter where you choose to go to college though, there are engineering scholarships around to help you out.