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The University of West provides scholarships only to its own students with the help of Lotus Scholarship and it does not focus to help the students of other institutes. So you should study the programs before applying for the Lotus Scholarship program. The Lotus University was designed in 2012 with the help of so many generous donors. The award of $500,000 is provided to about 58 students each year.

For the year 2013, the lotus program is again maintained to provide scholarships to a number of students who are interested in getting the scholarship. New students should also apply for the scholarship if they are meeting the eligibility criteria of the organization. The scholarship is provided for a single year, if the student wants to get the scholarship for the second year, he should apply for the second year scholarship again with the same criteria.

There are different kinds of scholarships that are provided to the students like Lotus Gold Scholarship (for international students), Lotus Gold Scholarship (for domestic students), Lotus Gold Scholarship (fo Guang), Lotus Silver Scholarship for domestic students and fo Guang.

Each successful applicant is provided with $5,000 to $10,000 in order to complete their education successfully. The students are allowed to use the awarded money for their tuition fees, room fees, board fees, mandatory fees and all the other expenses that are required by the students to attend their lectures at the University of West. The scholarship program is only for single years, if you want to get the scholarship in the second year of study as well, you will need to apply for the scholarship again. Getting a scholarship for the next year of education is not guaranteed, but it is possible and you can get it by getting good grades and having excellent performance in the previous year of education.

A student studying in an undergraduate program can renew his scholarship for about three years and this can only be done with the help of excellent performance and best grades in the previous year. Each year the scholarship money is awarded two times in a year. The first installment is provided in the fall semester while the second installment is done in the spring semester. All the scholarship funds are directly transferred to the bank account of the student.

The eligibility criteria should be met by all the candidates who are interested to apply

• The applicant must meet all the requirements of the scholarship.
• For the undergraduate students, the GPA limit is 3.0 whereas for the students of post graduate, you must maintain the 3.25 GPA in order to get the scholarship.

• All the international students must have English proficiency.
• The applicant of the scholarship must be a full time enrolled student of the University of West.

According to the important conditions of the scholarship, the awarded money is non refundable. If the candidate is unavailable to receive the money then after the passage of a specific period of time, half awarded money will be provided to the candidates.

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