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In the USA, there are a number of institutes and organizations that are working for the welfare of mankind. Mensa Education and Research Foundation Scholarship Program are one of these institutes that provide help to needy students by paying their admission fees or giving funds. This institute has selected a committee that decides what to do and how much to do.

Some organizations work for deaf people, but some of these works for needy people who want to get educated by any means. These institutes provide scholarships and financial aids to needy students.

The panel has decided on a few requirements for the people who want to apply for the scholarship. These requirements involve:

• The applicant must be a resident of the United State of America.
• The applicant must be applying for the scholarship of higher education.
• He must be enrolled in any two-year or a four-year degree program.
• The application form must consist of a letter of recommendation, essays, and the application explaining the needs and goals of the applicant.

This scholarship program is available for the whole degree and students can apply for the scholarship till 15 September 2013. All those applications that will be received after the last date, will be automatically rejected. So it is advised to the people to apply for the scholarship before the last date so that the panel does not reject or decline your proposal.

Local judgment of applications.

The Mensa Education and foundation selects a panel of three members that reviews all the applications. The panel judges the focus on the grammar, content, and other essential things in the application and essays. This is the best way to judge the applications and review them so that you do not miss the eligible applicant.

Regional judgment of applications.

The same local judging process is repeated at the regional judgment level. This is the second review hence it is more clear and helpful for the institute to take a decision. From the selected local level applicants, the regional level applicants are selected. These applicants are later on selected for the national level applicants.

National Judgment of applications.

As the national level judgment requires so much attention, therefore, you can say that it is a two-level of judgment. Each applicant of the scholarship can win only one scholarship from the Mensa Education and research foundation. Only those students can win the scholarship that has the highest marks, academic records in their history.

In final terms, the scholarship winner is decided by the board of trustees of the Mensa Education and research foundation. All the winners get notification by mail and later the instructions are provided to each candidate personally about how to claim their award. After a complete procedure, they can get the rewarded money. For this purpose, they have to provide all the original certifications to the institutes so that they can keep a record of their financial aids.

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