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The Boustany Foundation is offering scholarships for postgraduate students. The institute supports the business students who want to complete their higher education in Business and Administration. This scholarship is granted after every two years and supports the students in the whole years of MBA. The tuition fee of the whole program is provided by the scholarship providers. They provide £20,000 where as the other expenses like accommodation, travel and internship expenses are also covered by the Boustany Foundation. This scholarship is offered to all nations and most deserving students achieve this scholarship based on their merits.

Eligibility criteria of Boustany Foundation Scholarship.

• The scholarship is offered and provided only to the deserving students. It is totally based on merit and academic history of the students. The foundation has set a limit for the merit of scholarships. So only the students who have equivalent or more than 3.50 GPA in graduation can apply for scholarship.
• The MBA scholarship is available for any of the students in all over the world, but the brilliant candidates who have superior GPA and academic background along with the Lebanese nationality are higher preferable.
• All the candidates must agree with all the terms and condition while applying for the scholarship.
• The most essential requirement is that, after the completion of the degree, the applicant must be ready for an internship in the Boustany Foundation without any salary.
• The scholarship is available for the international students as well.

All the applicants have the facility to submit their applications by online means. The deadline for the submission of the application form is 15 May, 2013. All the needy students who wanted to complete their education by having some financial aid must try to maintain their best GPA in their graduation so that they may have some chances to get the scholarship.

In order to apply for the scholarship, the student must have an excellent resume. All the extracurricular activities along with the best grades must be mentioned in the resume. The applicant must attach the letter of recommendation to his application form. Once the candidate is selected by the foundation for the interview then it will be easier for the candidate to secure the scholarship. The panel in the interview usually judges the communication skills, problem solving skills, convincing skills, creativity of the candidates and other skills of the candidate. On the basis of the judgment of the panel, the candidate is selected or rejected.

After getting the scholarship, the selected student can start his study. All the educational expenses are covered by the foundation. The essential thing to know about academic career is that, the student must complete his internship in Boustany Foundation after the completion of the degree. This internship will be free of salary and the duration will be decided by the foundation as well. During the internship period, many chances are provided to the candidate to learn different things and explore knowledge. So all the deserving students with the best GPA must apply and try to get the scholarship.

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