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The American University provides the best quality education, excellence, learning opportunities, and a creative environment for its international students. The University welcomes the best, creative, and competent students from all over the world. It provides opportunities to the rising stars who want to change the world or the students who want to do something unique. The following opportunities are provided to the students so that they can perform well in their educational careers as well as in extracurricular activities.

Opportunities for Undergraduate Students

This type of scholarship is especially for undergraduate students from the international world. There are limited seats in which the students are provided with a partial or full tuition fee scholarship. All the fresh/ incoming students can apply for the scholarship. For the fall semester students, the scholarship worth $15,000 to $25000 was provided. These funds are provided in installments and cover the four-year degree program. This scholarship continues on the basis of the academic records of the applicants. All the new students do not need to apply for the scholarship. All of them will be automatically considered by reviewing the admission forms of the students.

Scholarship for International Students

The international students receive the Fulbright Scholarships from the American University. This scholarship is for 12 students and approximately $7000 is provided to each student in a year. Students from all over the world can apply for the scholarship as this is for all international students.

Aids for the Citizen of United States of America

For the students of the United States of America, there are also a number of financial aids and scholarship programs. It is always advised to the students, not to apply for the scholarship from the related website. Most of the times, this scholarship is provided to the students who are enrolled in a full degree program.

All the documentation should be submitted before the due date. For the international students, all the financial documents along with the bank statement, affidavit of support, the official letterhead of the bank should be submitted along with the scholarship application form. A scholarship letter should also be provided by the organization that must include the terms of the sponsorship, the exact date, and the amount.

All the documents must be submitted with the application fee ($60 of the United States of America). You can pay it either by a credit card or in the form of a money order or bank draft. The international students can also visit the official website. The international students must show their home country and basic information about the country. They can also contact the local US embassy to get proper and authentic information about the scholarship and admission criteria and process.

So, all international students, as well as permanent residents of the USA, must apply for the scholarship.

The scholarship and funding programs can help the students to complete their high-quality education.

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