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Are you thinking of studying abroad,  but when you see the price, you find yourself wincing?

You aren’t alone.

stunningly, there are scholarships worth hundreds of dollars that go unclaimed every year since no one makes the supplication.

But, who knows?

Some of these unidentified thousands of dollars worth of scholarships might be “YOURS”.

While study abroad programs are very high-cost, there are some ways to get around the hefty fees and study abroad worry-free.

With study abroad scholarships obtainable from a different origin, your opportunities of grasping a chance are limitless.

Ready to get started?

Let’s get to details…

How to Get a FinancialS Aid for Study abroad Program (Financial Planning)

There are several grants and scholarships out there, but this doesn’t make the application process easy, though. This process can be evacuated, but as long as you’re able to do what it takes, you can get a slot for yourself.

here are some important tips to help you win the financial aid for the abroad scholarship.

  • Apply – The only way to get a  permit or scholarship to study abroad is to be ready to put in the work of putting in. Remember, it takes a lot of restraint and time to get through the process, so don’t give up after one or two applications. You can start by applying for FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid).
  • Work on your resume – Your resume plays a noteworthy part in the process of your scholarship application process. pinch it to increase your chances of being awarded the scholarship. Update it by adding any recent campus activities and academic achievements, and ensure you make it as incisive as possible.
  • Contact grant funder– You can strike the study abroad department, foreign language office, and financial aid office to probe about the available funding origin.
  • Check out the available opportunities from local organizations like the Chinese-American Association, German clubs, and Sons of Italy to check their scholarship tenders.
  • Research thoroughly to find the most suitable scholarship for you –helpful resources like GoAbroad Directory a NAFSA.

Where to Find Free Scholarships for Study-abroad Plan

Apart from the local directories, the internet is the best place to apply and find study abroad scholarships of your choice. The charm of applying online is that you can apply to multiple scholarships in a few steps. Check out the most common idle scholarship search engines.

  • com – This website will create a profile of yours to help to search for grants and be awarded scholarships based on your eligibility and interest.
  • Cappex – This database helps you find financial aid and give you the knowledge of school transfer learn about school transfer demands.
  • IIE Passport – This website provides extensive data regarding almost all international scholarship schemes under the IIE passport portal.
  • Fast Web – This site helps you find the best scholarship to apply for study abroad in a college of your choice. It is a free website that gives all types of scholarships with the further better options if you have a profile.
  • Scholarships for study in Australia – This is Developed by the government of Australia, this website enables international students to ingress the required financial aid.

Finest Scholarships to apply for and Grants to Study-abroad

Many scholarships are obtainable for study abroad programs depending on the location or the district you’re studying in. As such, you can get a scholarship for your studies all over the world and enjoy an absolute learning experience.  Some scholarships are mentioned in the article which you can check.

Critical Language Scholarships (CLS)

CLS is a program created for international students who impulse to learn foreign languages. If your goal is to learn a certain language, then this program is ideal for you.

The U.S government chooses the fixed languages that students can apply for apace with their academic programs.

Ironically, the CLS is open for all the level of students, but one must be an American citizen record in a college to certified.

If you’re intent on these scholarships, you can Click Here to Apply.


Benjamin A. Gilman International Scholarship

This program is financed by the Institute of International Education in collaboration with the U.S Department of State. It sake to undergraduate students who are topical beneficiaries of a Federal Pell Grant. Benjamin A. Gilman Scholarships awards students up to $5,000 with a supplement of about $3,00


Click here to apply


Rotary Foundation & Club Scholarships

The Rotary Foundation is one of the best scholarships to apply for study abroad, which is open to students of all levels, including high school. The scholarship amounts and qualification requirements vary from one club to another. This program also offers special scholarships to students who want to major in peace and conflict resolution at their member universities.

Click here to start your application process.


The Boren Awards

The Boren Awards scholarships are presented to undergraduate and graduate students interested in critical skills. This scholarship also applies to those learning a foreign language in nations of interest to America, such as Portuguese, Chinese, Arabic, Swahili, and more. Eligible applicants must be enrolled in a higher education program and receive anything between $8,000 and $25,000.

Click here to get started with your application process.


Best Scholarships to Apply for: Graduate-only Slots to Study Abroad

Are you a graduate-to-be or already graduated? If so, we have made a list of selected study-abroad scholarships to help you accomplish your career goals.

Take a look…

American Association of University Women Funding & Awards (AAUW)

This is a women-only program providing a range of graduate opportunities to women. Eligible candidates receive grants ranging from $2,000 to $30,000 to study various courses, including career development, international projects, community development, and more.

Click here to send your application.


The Cornaro Scholarship

To qualify for the Cornaro Scholarship program, you must be a graduate student, be a Kappa Gamma Pi (KGP) member, and be enrolled in a graduate program. Students must also present several essays showing their experiences, financial need, values, and community involvement proof.

Click here to apply


MPOWER Global Citizen Scholarship

The MPOWER Global program is designed to support graduate students who are internationally accepted or taking a full-time educational program at a Canadian or U.S school.

Every year, the scholarship also offers STEM Scholarship, a special program for women specializing in a Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics program. Students can receive anything between $1,000 and $3,000.

Click here to submit your application.


Churchill Foundation Scholarship

Candidates applying for the Churchill Foundation grant must be undergraduate seniors in a member university.

The program supports students who want to study for a master’s degree in engineering, mathematics, or science. This scholarship gives students up to $60,000.

Click here to apply.


Best Scholarships to Apply for: Program-Specific Scholarships to Study Abroad

Program-specific scholarships require you to have taken part in some study abroad programs.

Such programs include:

AIFS Study Abroad Scholarships & Grants

This program provides educational opportunities to undergraduate students at various universities around the world.

Applicants can receive awards ranging from $200 – $1,000 based on their qualifications and program.

Click here to apply.

CEA Scholarships

If you’re a member of the CEA study abroad provider, the CEA grant is one of the best scholarships to apply for a study abroad slot.

This scholarship offers about $2,000 for diversity programs and $3,000 for international scholarships. The grants are offered based on merit, diversity, need, and academic achievements.

Click here to apply


IES Study Abroad Scholarships

You must register for a study program abroad via an IES program to be eligible for this program.

Generally, IES study Abroad Scholarships offer diversity-based grants, need-based scholarships, and other programs with varying amounts and requirements. Qualifying applicants can receive anything between $500 and $5000.

Click here to apply.


CAPA Scholarships

The CAPA Scholarships offer unlimited funding opportunities to undergraduate students registered in their program. They offer diversity grants, study abroad again grants, blogger/vlogger scholarships, and need-based grants.

The amount awarded for the scholarship varies depending on individual requirements and the program.

Click here to apply.


Best Scholarships to apply for: Member-based Study-abroad Scholarships

While some scholarships allow open applications, program-specific scholarships accept applications from a specific organization/group members.

If you’re a member of these organizations, these scholarships could help you study cheaply or for free.

Take a look…

Corinne Jeannine Schillings Foundation

Corinne Jeannine supports undergraduate students who are either current or alumni of the Girl Scout Foundation.

If you’re a member of this foundation and have received a Gold or Silver Award, here is your chance to get up to $1,000 to study abroad.

Click here to apply


Golden Key Study Abroad Scholarships

To qualify for this program, you must belong to the Golden Key Study Abroad community. Once you qualify, you can receive anything between $2,500 and $5,000.

Furthermore, if you’re a Golden Key Honor Society member, you can qualify for a special scholarship to study abroad.

Click here to apply for a slot.


Best Scholarships to apply for: Travel Scholarships for Study-abroad Programs

Travel scholarships sponsor travel enthusiasts looking for an opportunity to tour and study abroad. Such scholarships include:

Fulbright Program Grants

If you’re looking for the best scholarships to apply for the study abroad slot, you should consider Fulbright Program Grants. They allow you to study Journalism, Arts, Public Health, Business, and STEM in countries like Australia, Mexico, and the larger Europe.

The scholarship is suitable for recent grads and undergraduate seniors; you must be a U.S resident to qualify for this program, though.

Click here to apply.


Scotts Cheap Flights Scholarship

Are you looking for ways to cover your study abroad travel costs? If that’s the case, then check out the Scotts Cheap Flights Scholarship.

This scholarship strives to make your study abroad affordable in the best way possible. It awards students up to $1,000 as long as they’re U.S citizens and enrolled at a college.

Click here to send your application.


Hostelling International USA Explore the World Travel Scholarship

This scholarship is open for applications from both students and non-students.  It offers travel programs for service and education, including study abroad opportunities.

Eligible candidates can be awarded up to $2,000. However, to qualify, you must be a U.S resident aged 18 and 30 and a beneficiary of the Pell Grant.

Click here to apply.


Best Scholarships to apply for: Study-abroad Scholarships for Destinations

Scholarships for destinations are great study abroad opportunities that tie applicants to a specific destination or region. The most popular ones include;

Scholarships to Study in Africa

This scholarship allows you to explore the incredible African continent. You’ll get to experience the African diversity- from the booming cities of West Africa and wildlife wonders in Eastern Africa to the European influence in the Northern region.

If you’re headed to Africa, apply for the Heather Jow Leibowitz Memorial Scholarship and the American Research Center in Egypt Fellowships.

ARCE offers scholarship awards ranging from $600 to $4,000 for every successful applicant.

Click here to learn more.


Scholarships to Study Abroad in Asia

The best scholarships to apply for study abroad in Asia include:

  • Bridging Scholarships for Study in Japan. Click here to learn more
  • Henry Luce Foundation, Luce Scholars Program. Click here to learn more.
  • Freeman Asia. Click here to learn more.
  • IDB King Abdullah University International Scholarships (KAUST). Click here to learn more.

These programs offer grants ranging from $2,500 to $7,000 for successful applicants.


Scholarships for Study Abroad in Europe

With several study opportunities, Europe attracts tons of international students every year. If your dream is to study in Europe but have a challenge getting enough funds for your school fees, these opportunities come in handy.

Below are some of the best scholarships you can apply for and win a chance to study in Europe.

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