Living Spinal Scholarship – $1,000

Living Spinal believes that entrepreneurs can change lives and for that reason they would like to give aspiring entrepreneurs a chance to further their education.  They are introducing a $1,000 annual Living Spinal Scholarship in hopes to help young ENTREPRENEURS attain a college degree.  Living Spinal has committed most of their time to help individuals with paralysis and in the meantime they focused on making their lives a little bit easier by connecting them to distributors and manufacturers that sell medical products.  Knowing how helpless some students may feel when it comes to financing their college education, they decided to help students by offering some financial help in order to help them achieve a college education.  High school seniors accepted into a college and undergraduate students pursuing a field in Business and/or Marketing are invited to apply by submitting their original 200 to 300 words essay.  Applicants are required to be over the age of 18 and have a GPA of 3.0 or greater.  Students have until August 1st of each year to apply for their chance.  Living Spinal believes that entrepreneurs can change lives and for that reason they are looking for students that wish to make a difference in the business world.  Applicants must be legal residents of the U.S. or have a valid student visa to apply.  The winning applicant will be required to submit proof of enrollment/acceptance letter, a photo, and a brief biography in order to reap the rewards.  Living Spinal would like to help one student each year because they know scholarships can make a difference just as much as entrepreneurs can make a difference.

Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship – $1,500

New scholarships not only award students with money, but in fact, students get a greater chance at winning since there may not be as many applicants due to the fact that it is new and students may not take notice of it. would like to introduce their first annual scholarship by offering a little bit of support to students working hard to get a better education and an outstanding future career.  Phlebotomy Schools & Careers looks to find schools for those seeking training in phlebotomy and now they are hoping that with a scholarship students will be able to pursue their dreams further.  This annual $1,500 Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship is open to all students that are in a college or a university pursuing a degree.  Furthermore, students may be pursuing any field of study to apply.  Whether students are pursuing a medical field or a legal field, all students get a chance to improve their education.  Students are only required to present an essay of 700 to 1,000 words on the topic given and they have until May 1st annually to submit their work.  The best place to apply for the Phlebotomy School & Careers Scholarship and others similar scholarships is on  ScholarshipOwl is known for its unique collection of scholarships and especially for its easy application process.  Students will not be required to fill each and every application, but as a matter of a fact, students are only asked to fill one application and can automatically apply to all.

Medical Billing and Coding Scholarship – $1,500

With so many students working while attending school, it may be hard to balance the tasks between the two.  Those hard working students deserve to get awarded for such commitment and for their endeavor towards a brighter future.  The Medical Billing and Coding Scholarship is a new scholarship opportunity and a perfect chance for those students balancing work and school.  Medical Billing and Coding Schools is an online source to all schools that offer medical billing and coding training classes.  They are now offering students a $1,500 scholarship towards their collegiate studies.  This annual essay-based scholarship requires students to submit an essay of 600 to 800 words on the topic given.  Students will have until April 1st to submit their essay in order for it to be considered.  Students must be part-time or full-time students attending an educational institution and where they have worked at least ten hours a month in the previous months.  Students must be at least 18 years of age and a legal resident of the U.S.  Lastly, students must have a 2.5 GPA or higher to apply.  The greatest thing of all is that students do not need to be pursuing a medical field in order to apply and that this opportunity is available to students pursuing any field of study. believes that this is a great chance for students where they can help them ease the burden of multitasking and by providing support to those in need.  The main focus is having more people that are dedicated to their future.

Keating Dental Arts National Scholarship Program – $2,000

Women have advanced progressively over the years.  More women are getting a college degree and in return, get an easier access to entering the workforce.  In order for women to have more opportunities and achieve success, Keating Dental Arts and the American Business Women’s Association have come together to award one female college student with a $2,000 scholarship.  Keating Dental Arts is a dental laboratory that decided to team up with ABWA to help women with getting an education and their dream career.  This is a great opening to future business women and ABWA has been there for women by giving them more open doors to greater prospects.  This scholarship opportunity is open to female students only who are currently enrolled in college.  As an essay-based scholarship, students should put all their hard work into their essay and make sure that they answer the topic fully.  Applicants are to submit an essay of 500 to 700 words, their contact information, and a short biography of up to 150 words.  Applicants are to submit their work by the May 24th deadline.  Funds will be sent to winner’s school and the money will go towards their tuition or books costs.  Students can apply for the Keating Dental Arts National Scholarship Program as well as other eligible scholarships through where they will only be required to fill one application to apply to all scholarships.  ScholarshipOwl is there to help students speed up the application process and to avoid filling many applications, and in return be able to get money towards their college education.

Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program- $500

Brand new scholarships are coming out and definitely in a new brand new way.  Scholarship providers would like to see how well students tweet and how creative they can be.  Express Medical Supply Scholarship Program is just that type of a scholarship.  Since students are using Twitter even more, they would like to see how well students tweet.  Express Medical Supply is an online store of highest quality medical supplies that gives customers the freedom to get their supplies delivered at home.  They offer medical supplies such as First Aid, personal care, and anything as great as wheelchairs and bedroom supplies.  Express Medical Supply is giving away a $500 scholarship to a college student with the best answer to the question on their Twitter account.  Students are to write a tweet on Twitter with a proper hashtag and link and are then to submit the URL of their tweet.  It is important for students to have an unprotected Twitter account in order for their Twitter account to be seen.  All applicants need to do is submit their tweet of 108 characters or less.  Students need to be enrolled in college to apply and it can be any two-year or a four-year college.  Just as long as they are legal residents of the U.S. or have a valid student visa, students are welcome to try this easy scholarship opportunity and to earn a $500 scholarship.  Not only that but even part-time students can get their opportunity at this scholarship.  Students have until June 30th to apply.  Best of all, the scholarship winner’s answer will be featured on Express Medical Supply’s blog and Facebook page.

Carrington Dental Centre Scholarship – $500

The quality of life in the future strongly depends on the quality built in the present.  For those that work hard today to have everything in place and focus on advancing can bring much more in their future.  Although work and education are what most people focus on today, but it is also about their overall health.  Carrington Dental Centre focuses on making smiles even brighter in Kelowna, British Columbia by helping patients receive quality dental work that includes anything from teeth cleaning to cosmetic dentistry and implants.  With so much success in the past, this time they would like to help a student advance in their future.  This dental office would like to focus on giving optimal oral health just as much as helping students get an optimal college education.  Carrington Dental Centre is giving away the Carrington Dental Centre Scholarship to students pursuing a college education.  One student will receive a $500 scholarship for putting together a top quality essay towards higher education.  Applicants are asked to submit an essay of 1,000 words maximum by the October 30th deadline.  Students are additionally asked to have their parent/guardian submit a recommendation letter in their name.  Applicants must be seniors in high school, college freshmen, or college sophomores.  Students must be residents of U.S. and Canada to consider applying for this scholarship.  Students that best present their thoughts on increasing learning power with get their chance at a $500 scholarship.  Not only do dental patients get a smile on their face, but students throughout the North America get a chance towards a brighter education.

Pediatric Dentist of Tomorrow Scholarship – $500

Learning about basic things in life is mandatory for survival today.  Children depend on their parents to gain the knowledge in order to survive and become independent themselves.  Education brings children further preparation and gets them ready for friends, a career, and independent adult  life.  It is important that children get introduced to the ways of getting around alone and to seek success.  In doing so, these individuals can help themselves by continuously seeking further opportunities.  Smile Reef is a Las Vegas pediatric dental office that is now offering an annual $500 Pediatric Dentist of Tomorrow Scholarship to students who are pursuing a field in dentistry.  The dental office focuses on helping, treating, and teaching youngsters about their dental health and this time they would like to help older children by giving them a chance at a $500 scholarship.  Students that are currently pursuing a dental field and attending a college/university, a specialization, or dental school may come and apply.  Applicants are required to submit an essay of 300 to 1,000 words on the chosen topic.  The scholarship opens March 15th of the current year and has a deadline of March 15th next year.  Students have a whole year to put together a great piece of work for their chance at a $500 scholarship.  This is a great scholarship opportunity that will help one student a year at getting a college education without having to worry about the finances. College Scholarship – $1,500

Many students have a hard time choosing the right career path and end up changing their major numerous times.  Choosing the right career path is essential and it makes it easier to complete education with love for the chosen career.  It helps students be on the right track and to learn more in order to be prepared for the future.  It is also important to know all the expectations that are awaiting in the future, as well as the pros and cons before choosing a certain career. would like to help students make their dreams come true by offering a $1,500 scholarship towards their college education. is a supplier of licensed medical equipment that offers their customers durable equipment with the same day shipping.  They offer items such as medical machines, masks, humidifiers, medical parts, and much more.  They are giving away the $1,500 scholarship to full-time students that are enrolled in college.  Students are only required to submit an essay of 500 to 1,000 words by the deadline in order to apply. College Scholarship is offered annually with the deadline on June 30th.  This is a perfect opportunity for those students that know their career path and it helps them get a college education without having to worry about college expenses.  Scholarships serve as an aid in completing college without having to worry about paying for tuition.  In return, they get to save money, get the right education, and land their dream career.  Education is vital just as much as getting a scholarship is when having trouble paying for college education.

You can sign up for the College Scholarship  and hundreds more with just one registration form on

Health Professionals & Specializing Physicians Scholarship

Changing people’s lives is one of the greatest gifts that anyone could give.  People in a medical profession do just that.  The experience does not only change patient’s lives but the professionals as well.  There are many prospects out there for everyone and the knowledge that people get is priceless.  The Belmont Anderson & Associates Podiatry Clinic is one of the most trusted in podiatry care in Las Vegas.  Podiatrist Dr. Belmont Anderson and his trained assistants work to help patients with all foot and ankle needs.  They are trained professionals that have been working since 1980 to give the best care to their patients.  This time they would like to focus on students and their future.  Dr. Belmont Anderson made sure to get the best education in order to be the best doctor and is now striving to help students achieve the dream that he attained for himself.  The Health Professionals and Specializing Physicians Scholarship Program is for students that are pursuing further education in hopes to attain a career as a medical professional.  Students have an opportunity to save some money while getting their dream education, as well as to become a trained professional one day.  Students are to simply write a 300 to 850 word essay in order to get an opportunity at $500 towards their college education.  Students striving to achieve their dream profession of helping others could easily make their dream come true with an opportunity like this.  Best of all, students have from October to October the following year to apply with deadline on October 15th.   You can apply to the Health Professionals and Specializing Physicians Scholarship and hundred more with just one form on

Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship – $1,000

Students interested in a medical or a legal field get a chance to save up some money and possible achieve a career in a growing field.  Not many people know how much a medical and a legal field actually have in common and now we would like to have students get creative and share their ideas on how the two truly relate.  The Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship is for students that are pursuing a medical or a legal program and who would like to make an impact in the world.  Birth Law is a law firm that specializes in birth injury suits such as Erbs Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Shoulder Dystocia, and Hypotonia.  Attorney Jason Waechter knows that medical negligence can get away unnoticed and he would like to help victims get their rights and deserving compensation.  Best of all, if their case does not win, there will be no fee for the victim.  They are giving students an opportunity to explore new ideas and thoughts in order to teach others something new and useful.  Applicants must 17 years of age or older and enrolled in a college/university.  Applicants are to submit their essay of 150 words or more and their short background for their chance at $1,000.  It simply does not get any simpler than that.  Two students will get $1,000 each: one for their medical program and the other for their legal program.  Sounds like fun does it not?  It is not just fun, it is also extremely easy!  Students may apply anytime between January 1st and September 1st annually.

Atlanta Dental Spa Scholarship

Atlanta Dental Spa Scholarship is a merit-based scholarship that is looking for one bright student each year. Speaking of bright, we want to exemplify the importance of healthy teeth and a worthy education. It takes dedication to having clean teeth and dedication to brushing teeth daily. It is important that they are healthy and shiny. It is equivalent to showing dedication to education in order to have a shiny diploma in our hands. Atlanta Dental Spa is a dental office that commits to just that. Their main focus is to offer their patients an inclusive health dentistry and high quality aesthetic in order to provide them with best service. At the same time, their mission is to also educate their patients on dental health. They are giving their annual scholarship to students who are pursuing further education. Students must be either a junior or a senior in high school or already enrolled in college to be able to apply. Students are not required to work immensely, but instead to show that they are responsible enough. All applicants need to do is submit their essay of between 250 and 1,000 words for their chance at $1,000 to further their education. This is not an ordinary scholarship that is open for a month or two. This scholarship is open from January to August every year with the deadline usually in mid-August.


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Got a Spine Scholarship – $500

The Got a Spine Scholarship is a merit-based and essay-based scholarship that is being offered by Arctic Chiropractic.  Arctic Chiropractic Fairbanks focuses on educating individuals on back problems and improving patient’s spinal health.  They would like to teach people on the importance of knowing about back pain and why the pain should not be ignored.  They offer a variety of services such as chiropractic care, massage therapy and even nutritional care.  Got a Spine Scholarship demonstrates both the importance of health of the spine as well as the importance of education.  This relates to everyone today and seeing a chiropractor is a must just as getting college education is.  Having a healthy back is as imperative as learning since student’s future depends on both.  Without education, young adults would not be able to get anywhere.  College education brings a lot of prospect into everyone’s future and students are able to reach their dream goals.  Got a Spine Scholarship only requires students to write two essays; one under 1,000 words and the other under 250 words.  This $500 scholarship is for students pursuing any field of study.  This is a great opportunity for students in a college or university.  Both U.S. and Canadian residents are welcome to apply.  The only other requirement is that students must have a 2.5 GPA or greater.  It is time to get started and think health and education!  Students might even get to learn something about back pain and maybe even become a chiropractor themselves.  The deadline is usually in the beginning of June every year.

Future Physicians Scholarship Program – $500

There is nothing greater than seeing a person with confidence affect everyone around them in a positive way.  Approaching your college studies with the same confidence can help create opportunity later on. If you feel you can do it, then we have a scholarship for you. Dr. Mark Jensen is a cosmetic and reconstructive plastic surgeon. Much in the same way that he helps his patients, Dr. Jensen is also focused on helping students feel more confident about the next level of education.  The $500 Future Physicians Scholarship Program is being offered to students in hope that some will pursue a field in the medical profession.  It serves as a purpose for students to get motivated in everything they do and most importantly in completing their educational dreams.  With education, individuals are able to get to their career goals.  Students are only required to submit an essay of 300 to 1,000 words in order to apply.  Students that will be attending or are attending a college, university, graduate programs, or medical school are welcome to apply.  The scholarship is being offered annually where students can apply at any time.  The scholarship is open for a whole year with the annual deadline in October.  If you are committed to increasing your scholarships total for school, we recommend completing the essay and complete the application.


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Smile for the Future Scholarship – $1,000

The importance of getting higher education is beyond imaginable today and getting a diploma is one of the most important things for students to achieve.  Getting a degree may bring many new aspects in life.  High achievers get their chance at success and at the same time help others make their dreams come true.  Getting higher education may lead to triumph and a purpose in life where it may change many people’s lives.  We should treat it with the same seriousness with how we treat our health.  Eating healthy, thinking healthy and retaining healthy teeth is a key to a healthy lifestyle.  Smile for the Future Scholarship is a perfect name and example of a brighter future.  We are not only talking about the scholarship; we are talking about the health of our teeth and even our overall health.  Having beautiful teeth equals to a beautiful smile.  That is same as a worthy scholarship equaling a worthy degree.  Shervin M. Louie, DDS is an implant and aesthetic dental office that is offering a $1,000 scholarship to students that are pursuing their studies in a medical, dental, or similar field.  Students wishing to make an impact on another person’s life are highly encouraged to apply.  Students that have love for those fields have a drive to take advantage of getting higher education in order to attain as much information as possible in order to become a true professional.  In the end, all the hard work pays off and with a little bit of assistance many are able to get further in life.


Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship – $2,000

Scholarships that are allocated to specific majors or fields of study can be some of the most lucrative awards available for students. Become part of much smaller applicant base when you apply to scholarships for your major, and see the value of the awards grow. Keep checking in with us to find out more about scholarships by major and best of luck with your studying. More about our latest scholarship find…

Do you study medicine or law? Looking for a scholarship? If so, we have a great scholarship find just for you.   Did you know that the medical and law studies  have even more in common than most people thought?  Well it is time for you to be creative and share your ideas on how the two could relate.  The Waechter Medical-Legal Scholarship is for students that are in a medical or legal program.  Birth Law is a law firm that specializes in birth injury suits such as Erbs Palsy, Cerebral Palsy, Shoulder Dystocia and Hypotonia.  They are giving students an opportunity at exploring new ideas and thoughts in order to teach others something new and useful.  Applicants are to submit their essay of 150 words or more and their short background for their chance at $1,000.  Two students will get $1,000 each: one for their medical program and the other for their legal program.  The Waechter scholarship shows the importance of the two great fields of study and is great help for all eligible students. Time to sign up and tell your friends!

Scholarship Aid for Pre-Medical Students

People can bear the cost of education when they know that the source of providing money is outside funding. If you are a premedical student then, it will be simply best and easy to find out the scholarships. You have to spend some time on the internet along with patience so that you can find out some scholarship firms and organizations. The researching and searching of all the pre-medical students narrows down the specifications. The first thing that a medical student must focus is the situation of the office of the institute. The next thing is to find out the variety of options available to the medical students and match them with your qualifications.

Many universities and colleges also offer different kind of scholarships to their students so that they can meet all the requirements. Try to learn all the scholarship available for you and in which you are interested. Just keep in mind all the requirements and the financial aid to require to complete your education. If you have applied for the scholarship and still do not qualify for the scholarship then you must not get fade up. You can apply for other scholarship programs that are offered by the government.

You must be strategic and focused when you search for the scholarship program for your education. You can also seek help and support from the financial aid office of your organization. If you have any weakness regarding your skills, you must improve those skills so that there will be more chance for you to get awarded money. Submit the application form in the earliest days. It will help you to learn more options for you. Do not forget to focus on the financial options by the government.

While searching from the internet, you can check it from the minority section that there may be something important for you. You can simply win the money by giving some extra time.

Medical School Scholarships

Many students need scholarships in order to complete their studies. This is only because of the increasing cost of the education. People have to pay huge money when they want to get their children educated. Many scholarship firms and organizations are available that provide you the scholarships on the basis of your qualities and abilities. The only thing is that you must find your best match. All the students who need to complete their studies in a specific field must need scholarships, if they are not financially strong. Cost of medical students is usually very high and it is not affordable by some students. Therefore, they depend upon the scholarships, loans, fellowships and grants.

Some of the ambitious and hardworking students work along with the studies so that they can earn money and fulfill their desires. Grants and scholarships are better options than earning money by your own. The only thing to get money by scholarships is the process of applying. You should be fully prepared for the application process of the scholarship. Before sending any application form, you must have to study all the details of different scholarships and find the best option for yourself. All these scholarships can help to pay your school’s fee and complete your studies.

While you are finding some medical scholarships, you must focus on the main intention of the organization providing you the support. You can find both the national and international organizations to get support. Some groups of people get special scholarships like women and many minorities. If you belong to such a group, you can get an additional advantage. Use all such opportunities that are available to you and provide you benefits. Along with such scholarships, you can apply for the general scholarship too, just for the sake of funding.

Some organizations support only to the specialized students of medical. You must spend some time concentrating whether you can apply for these scholarships of not. The internet is the best thing to make your research and it does not take so much time as well.

Health Professionals Education Foundation Scholarship Program

The Health Professionals Education Foundation Program is designed to help nursing students pay for their education in the state of California. There are many scholarships within this program, and they all have slightly different eligibility requirements. As long as you are planning to attend a nursing school within the state of California, you should be eligible for some kind of award through the HPEF program. Let’s explore this opportunity a little further to figure out if it is right for you.

The Health Professionals Education Foundation Scholarship Program at a Glance

  • Award Amount: $4,000 to $10,000
  • Number of Awards: Varies by scholarship and by year
  • Minimum GPA: 2.0
  • Minimum Test Scores: None
  • Eligible Applicants: Permanent California residents in nursing degree programs

Eligibility Requirements
To apply, you must be a permanent resident of the state of California. You must be attending college in pursuit of a nursing degree, with emphasis on one of the following subjects: Dentistry, Dental Hygiene, Nurse Practitioner, Physician Assistant, Certified Nurse Midwifery, or Clinical Nurse Specialist. You must have a 2.0 GPA or higher for every year you use a scholarship, and you must commit to working for two years in the state of California after graduating from college.

Application Details
If you want to apply, you can download an application form from the Health Professionals Education Foundation of the California Office of Statewide Health Planning and Development’s website. Submit the form and required documents to the address on the application, and then you can wait for the good news to come back in the mail. Hopefully you will be able to win enough money to pay for your tuition and more.