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There are a number of scholarships provided by the American University. American University scholarship supports the excellence of the students, academic quality and the learning skills. These scholarships are only for the students who need the new world to study and carry on their educational life. Many opportunities are provided to the winning students based on their talent and expertise.

American University supports both the partial and full degree programs based on the needs of the students. Mostly this scholarship is for the student of undergraduate. All the scholarships provided by the organization ranged from $15,000 to $25,000. These funds are given for the four year degree program of a student. The scholarship can be cancelled, if the performance of the students falls below its criteria. So in order to get the scholarship for the whole program, the student must keep his performance up to the given criteria.

Students do not need to apply with any other form because they are evaluated by the admission forms and the organization automatically considers the merit based applicants as the scholarship holders. All the international students of Fulbright University can also apply for getting the merit based scholarship of worth $7,000 in each academic year of education.

In addition, these financial aids are provided to the citizens of America or the permanent residence of America. In order to get the financial aid, you have to visit the University while the international applicants can apply online only for the academic scholarships. The online application forms for the financial aid are not acceptable.

When you apply for the academic scholarship by online means then you has to show your financial support either it is your guardian or government. It is compulsory to get VISA for the United State of America. During application, you must show your ability to pay the living expenses during the educational period. The following documents should be submitted at the time of applying for the scholarship.

• The bank statement
• A letterhead of the bank
• A scholarship letter

All these documents must have the official bank stamp that shows that the present amount is enough to cover all the financial funds where as the scholarship letter must include the amount of money, dates and the terms admitted by the applicants. All these activities must be done 2 to 3 months before the application process. The fee for submitting the application is $60 and this should be paid with the credit card. Some people pay this payment in the form of money order to the American University. If you want to get further information about the scholarship then you must visit to the local United States Embassy or any specialized consultant.

So if you fall on the following criteria of the sponsors, then you must apply for the academic scholarships. There might be a chance for you to win the scholarship and complete your education there. You can look for a bright future and an excellent job after getting graduation degree from the American University.

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