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law scholarships Law Scholarships

Law degrees are long, tedious, and in most cases, very expensive. Whether you want to be a lawyer, a paralegal, a court reporter, or something else along those lines, you will likely need law scholarships to help you pay for your education. Luckily, there is a wide range of legal scholarships available to cover the cost of your degree. Read on to learn how you could pay for your legal studies degree.

Popular Law Scholarships

Check out these popular legal studies scholarships:

What Will You Pay For A Law Degree?

The money you pay for your law degree will depend on many factors, like the level of education you need for your career and the type of school you choose to attend. Ideally, you should research the cost of attendance for your college or university to find out how much money you need in legal studies scholarships. Here are some law degree cost statistics, courtesy of CollegeCalc:

  • Law Bachelor’s Degree: $36,407 per year
  • Law Associate’s Degree: $19,595 per year

While you may be able to pursue many legal careers with an undergraduate degree, you will have to attend grad school to become an attorney. If this is your goal, you should research graduate student scholarships to pay for your continued education. Get the financial aid you need when you need it most, and you can get through law school debt free.